Katie’s long-distance wedding

The cathedral is booked, but Katie's having trouble finding a florist

Katie Maloy and ring

Katie, 33, is in PR, while her ex-soldier H2B, 38, is a close protection bodyguard (also known as UH: Ultimate Hero). She is sharing her wedding diary with us in the countdown to her big day on April 30, 2011.


Ah brides, it has been a hectic week in Wedding World. I have debated with myself on what I should share with my bridal sisterhood this week and it was a tough one.

So I have given you a snapshot of all the major events worthy of their own entries but, with the speed on which my wedding world turns, they just have to share. I don’t really have enough room to mention the Four Weddings US episode on Monday night and what a welcome change it is to see some a-line and fish tail dresses from the all-too-common meringue preferred by the majority of Four Weddings British Brides. Or how I secretly loved the wedding dresses that Jordan aka Katie Price paraded on her show on Thursday night and how it goes against everything that I am, to approve of anything Jordan does or wears…

I really wanted to vent my anger on the lack of artistic florists in the Norfolk region. OK I accept that I have a pretty tough brief and I might slightly confuse the hometown girls with my PR jargon but come on
florists, why is it that you cannot see my vision? As a creative myself, clients come to me with an idea and I translate it for them.

So far, they have either quoted me an amount that would warrant purchasing my own garden centre – or look at me blankly and suggest hand-tied field flowers. But anyway, that is not going to get me anywhere.

Then I thought I would give you an update on UH’S contributions to the wedding and, like most men, he really doesn’t get bothered with the minor details, so this is what he has stipulated so far:

  1. He wants me to have either a French manicure or light shade of nail varnish opposed to my usual palette of neon hues.
  2. He wants a stretch hummer, a nightclub on wheels for our wedding transport, instead of the usual stuffy antique car that never seems to have enough headroom. I 100% agree, we will have the most fun
    in a hummer and our bridal party is going to all pile in there with champers from church to reception!
  3. He wants maroon, his Paratrooper regiment colour, to feature. It doesn’t work for fashion. My bridesmaids, staff, myself and in fact everyone else went into meltdown at the suggestion of maroon attire (in any form or degree) but I will use it for some other elements and a couple of surprises on the day. As much as I love the Ultimate Hero, maroon isn’t happening. I love the military pedigree: honestly brides,
    there is no turning back after a military man, they are super manly and beyond practical not too mention out of control sexy but hey you don’t need to hear about how much I lust after the man because that is just
  4. He wants our reception to be a party of note and for everyone to have an awesome time.
  5. Ultimately he said he didn’t care about any details as long as I turned up and oh didn’t cry too much and I wasn’t allowed to stress.

Then I thought I should tell you about my most exciting news. Yesterday I received our confirmation letter from St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Cathedral of Norfolk. The truth is I had tears when I read the
letter, there is not anywhere in the world I would prefer to get married. I got slightly hysterical about it.

My brother and UH started emailing each other for support, I had my brother in the living room, UH
on Skype in Iraq (emailing my brother), UH’S mother on the mobile and shortly after my own mother on the land line in Sydney. I didn’t allocate any effort into diluting the hysteria, I couldn’t have cared
less, this was my moment and I was going to thrive off the drama of it.

You see, brides, when I was about 8 years old we got our first video recorder and the very first video tapes that we got were Mary Poppins, and The Sound of Music.

UH and my mother have both decided that with such a large Cathedral we need a full bodied choir to really fill it. Only a handful of brides will get this, but I just imagined walking down the very large and very
grand isle with my UH (Captain Von Trapp) waiting at the bottom and the choir bursting into ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria’. I am not sure the Bishop would agree but for now the vision lives in my head.

(Think for a second about how funny the Hummer will look outside the cathedral! I love the irony of my wedding.)

Then I thought I would tell you about my Irish Claddagh Ring (pictured) that UH had delivered to my office to wear whilst my diamond ring was getting resized. So as to not be without adornment on my
third finger, UH researched the Claddagh ring and discovered it’s magically romantic history and ordered one with my birthstone in it.

Even more amazingly, it arrived when I was having lunch with our Best Man, UH’S best friend in the entire World. They met when they were Paratroopers so have several hundred jumps out of planes and all that
hard core brotherhood history together.

Only shortly before that, BM, a machine of a man, announced ‘I knew one day I would be sitting across
from the woman who was good enough for my best friend, the one who he really deserved’. I cried but didn’t let the tears roll too freely. I don’t want BM to think I am overly emotional, slightly hysterical and
mildly eccentric; let’s keep that as our little secret.

Much more to report, brides, so stay tuned till next week!

Katie xxx

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