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Katie’s Real Bride’s Blog – a bracelet to illustrate her lessons on jewellery

Well brides, there are only six-and-a-half weeks to go until my Big day. I was reading a magazine on the Tube last night when I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that next month I am getting married. It made me go a bit la-la as I started to think of my life and how I got here and how everything seemed to be so perfectly put in my path in order to stumble across the UH (the Ultimate Hero – my fiancé). I very excitedly tried to explain my state of mind to UH on Skype, who told me I was turning into my mother, freaking him out and could I please snap out of it as he had just worked for 18 hours.


It’s a good thing my sister is here, as she also doesn’t entertain my eccentric outbursts and thinks this wedding stuff is all a bit ridiculous. I am very impressed with my groom however (not that I am ever not impressed with him to be fair) – last time he was home I wrote him a list of tasks to do that he breezed through and even topped off with sugared almonds that perfectly matched our wedding colours.

Then he left for the Middle East again – for six whole weeks – and something remarkable happened. I can only assume it is the madness of wedding preparation, but this time when the Hero left, looking all strapping, healthy and groom-like, I didn’t cry. I didn’t even feel a slight urge to cry. I haven’t since, either, except watching Oprah on her Australian tour show, but that doesn’t really count.

Even more bizarrely, when my sister arrived on Sunday morning at 7.25am, after a two-hour delay, I didn’t cry either. She did – she lost it in the true style of my family. I wondered if it had something to do with drinking too many cocktails and eating an Indian pancake the size of a tractor tyre the night before.

Another thing I’ve learnt at this stage of wedding preparation, besides the effects of last-minute wedding madness, is not to procrastinate over things – just do them as soon as you think about them. Don’t tell yourself you will do it tomorrow or next weekend – when you think of it, do it. I promise you will sleep better.

The other thing that I need to tell you girls I’ve learnt is not to settle for anything you aren’t 100% happy with – but you do really need the best dream-team for this to work. I was struggling to find wedding jewellery that I loved and that suited me and my bridal look, so I canned the idea of thinking I could find what I was looking for, and commissioned this amazing jeweller to make a bespoke piece for me.

Jeminee is this amazing, visionary jeweller that has made a bit of a name for herself for dealing with fussy brides – and she has come up with exactly what I wanted, and in record time too. It wasn’t even that much more expensive than off-the-rack jewellery, and the beauty is you get exactly what you want without having to compromise on anything. When you meet people like Jeminee, who get your vision and create it for you, it really helps you envisage what your wedding will actually look like, which makes it far more real.

I have taken my new wedding approach even further. I had an idea of the kind of wedding entertainment I wanted but couldn’t find it anywhere – I wanted a really talented variety performer who was full of charisma and had bags humour and quick wit. I had an idea of what experience I wanted to create for our guests (will have to tell you after the wedding as I don’t want to ruin it for them), but I just could not find anyone who had the experience and skill to pull it off. Then I tracked down Ian Gee of funtasticinc.com, who was so full of enthusiasm and infectious energy I booked him then and there. It makes me feel amazing knowing that our guests are going to have (hopefully!) a brilliant time at the reception!

So every evening and weekend is busy between now and the wedding. I suspect this is why I am not missing UH all that much. Yesterday morning though, on the way to work, I did spot a man with well formed shoulders (though not perfectly formed like the Hero’s), and that was enough to make me miss him again.

My attention quickly turned to practical matters though, like the fact that due to unavoidable work commitments, UH won’t be back until five days before the wedding. This means his stag do will now have to be two or three days before the wedding – not enough time for eyebrows to grow back or even enough time to generally recover. I’m not even sure I’ll see him much before the wedding, as I will be working in London and he will be in Norfolk, most likely getting tied naked to streetlamps.

Plus, I have my first dress fitting on Saturday, which takes you into a whole new arena of panic. I decided last night that I would simply have to have the alterations done a few days before – I can’t possibly be expected to be bridal thin six weeks in advance (another part of my new ‘tailor made’ wedding approach). The UH would tell you that’s me being a diva and would announce I needed to ‘get a grip’, ‘crack on’ and stop being a bridezilla. Well he can try telling me that when he’s tied to a lamppost naked and I’m swishing in front of a mirror in a dress that fits like a glove!

Until next week brides,

Katie ‘Tailor Made’ Bridezilla xxx


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