Katie’s Long-Distance Wedding

Sparkly hair accessories and the scent of home

Wedding flowers and candles

Katie, 33, is in PR, while her ex-soldier H2B Ultimate Hero (UH), 38, is a close protection bodyguard. She will be sharing her wedding diary with us in the countdown to her big day on April 30, 2011.


Well brides, I’ve got four weeks to go. It’s a weird place to be, because everything feels organised but you’re kind of waiting for something big to creep up behind you and tear you away from your ordered wedding world.

It turns out that the Hero’s heroic duties have been so demanding of late that I barely get two minutes with the gorgeous creature a day. This has resulted in a couple of things – the first being the music selection. It may be slightly Eighties-naff heavy since the Hero wasn’t here to rein me in. Expect Prince, Wang Chung and Boston.

The second thing is that the Hero and I don’t even have time to do our first dance lessons together. At the moment this is how it’s gonna roll: UH is having lessons in Norfolk three days before the wedding, while I will be in my London office. The dance teacher is going to record a DVD for me so I can witness Ultimate ‘twinkle toes’ Hero spinning the teacher around the dancefloor. Supposedly this is going to bring me up to speed, two days before the wedding…

So now I’ve done most of the big stuff, from what I can gather all I have left to do is confirm, chase up, confirm again and get down to the details. The other day I bought white fluffy robes and slippers for my bridesmaids, mum and sister to wear on the morning of the wedding. I thought we could lounge around looking relaxed and chilled-out – even though I know I won’t be. I’ll be spending all my time talking to the ushers on our headsets, ensuring they keep UH well away from my end of the hotel!

As most of you have gathered by now, I am fiercely sentimental, and I have ensured that I saturated my wedding with all of my romantic notions. I wanted to bring as much of Australia to my wedding as possible – I was so desperate for Australian flowers at one stage I thought my mum could just cart them over on her flight!

Then I thought if I couldn’t have the flowers, I at least wanted the fragrance. My all-time favourite smell is Yankee Candle’s Midnight Jasmine – I burn it day and night, summer and winter. It reminds me of hot Australian summer days flouncing about in summer dresses, pedicured feet, jewelled sandals and oversized sunglasses – a look I rarely get to sport over in this part of the globe. The weeks when the Hero is away, trudging through the dessert in camouflage gear with guns strapped to his person, I sashay around the living room to Australian rock with my Yankee Candles flickering.

I knew if I wasn’t going to get married in an Australian summer, I was going to bring it into Norfolk and into my reception venue. So the venue staff are under strict instructions to light the candles an hour before the guests arrive, so when they enter the marquee they will be transported to a balmy night on Sydney Harbour – how fabulous!

When I visited the Yankee Candle shop in Norwich, the shop assistant was telling me that Yankee fragrances are designed to be mixed and create layered blankets of fragrance in the air. I liked that idea. So now I am drastically flirting with Pink Sands, a floral citrus with splashes of vanilla, and also Bahama Breeze, a tropical cocktail. I did get very excited when I saw their Royal Wedding candle, which is a gorgeous, delicate, bridal-inspired fragrance.

The UH didn’t like this idea though – he thinks there is room for only one princess at the wedding (he hasn’t met my sister yet, mind you). I am also thinking of making a Yankee-lined path from the hotel to the marquee – not only will this scent the air beautifully, it will guide the intoxicated ones back afterwards, much like a lighthouse for a boat in a stormy sea.

In one of my very first blogs here at You & Your Wedding, I was describing how I spent an entire Sunday afternoon searching for diamanté hair spirals. It was one of many tactics to tackle my desperate missing of UH. A few of you had asked me what the outcome was as, like me, you also loved the idea of little twinkles in your bridesmaids’ hair. I am pleased to report that, after searching every supplier in the UK, for me, ebuni.com are by far the best. The quality of their hair jewels is exquisite, and the prices make you think you’re robbing them. I picked the AB crystals that emit a bit of a rainbow, as my bridesmaids are all wearing different colours and they have colourful personalities!

So brides, if I haven’t already exhausted you with my love for sentimental scents and sparkly hair jewels, wait for next week, when I debate my wedding-day fragrance. I warned you the final weeks were all about the details!

Katie ‘loving the details’ Maloy xx


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