Katie’s Long-Distance Wedding

From canapés to lingerie, Katie puts the finishing touches to her Big day

Katie’s Long-Distance Wedding: Canapes and Lingerie

Katie, 33, is in PR, while her ex-soldier H2B Ultimate Hero (UH), 38, is a close protection bodyguard. She will be sharing her wedding diary with us in the countdown to her big day on April 30, 2011.


Well brides, there are only two weeks until my Big day, and it has been all systems go in my wedding world. Oracle Nomad (best man) pitched up unannounced and spent the next three days feeding my sister and I fattening food. So much so that I caught a glimpse of myself the other day in the mirror and spotted some definite back fat – I also think my upper arms are starting to look my age.

So I’ve decided I am not ‘bridal slim’ the way I thought I would be – but that may have something to do with being pre-menstrual, and seeing pictures of Kate Middleton yesterday looking drastically thin when I know I only have another 24 hours on her to prepare. This was not what I had in mind two weeks before my wedding.

I have had thorough conversations and emails going back and fourth with my stellar videographer, the famed Leo Ferenc from perfect-day-studios.co.uk. I have given him a comprehensive list of my music for the DVD, and told him the style in which I want the day recorded. As he is mostly used to working with demanding diva celebrities I must be a walk in the park for him (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway).

I love him: he makes me feel like nothing is too much to ask (which I take literally): ‘Leo, do you think you can film a car chase between the Hummer and the Aston Martin? You know, James Bond-style?’ He would even climb a tree to get the right shot for us.

I have said a few times that the team you have around you on the day is so important, as there would be nothing worse than having someone around you who really gets on your nerves. That’s why I’m so thrilled to have booked Wendy and Phil, the husband and wife team behind iwphoto.co.uk, for our wedding pictures.

Professional, creative and lots of fun, Wendy is going to capture me and the girls in the morning getting ready, while Phil will flank UH and the boys. Phil is also of a good military pedigree, which means he will most likely get the humour and language of the Hero and his crew, and won’t be surprised to hear that he is also following them to the pub before the cathedral – because that’s what you do before your cathedral wedding ceremony (apparently).

I confirmed our canapé selection the other day too, determined to have my guests well-fed. (Have you ever been to an event, not had enough food and then got Macdonald’s on the way home at 2am? Yeah, me too, and I don’t want my guests doing that.)

I wanted to find a supplier who could use local seafood and something a bit British for the Australians, so after searching around I settled on Frank Dale, as they had the most delicious-sounding bitesize delights. I am mostly excited for the Australians to sample the Cromer crab and shrimp salad, mini potato tarts, and the pea and mint with crayfish tail mini blinis. They can bite into those beauties as they sip their Pimms and tap their croquet ball through the little posts on the lawn. OK, maybe not, but you get my vision!,

My mother and brother are only a few hours away from getting on a plane in Malaysia and arriving at Heathrow Terminal 4 on the first flight, at 5.15am. My sister spent most of yesterday creating a giant banner, complete with wooden handles, for us to unravel and shake about when they come through arrivals. It says ‘Welcome’, although the W is remarkably bigger than the rest of the letters. My cleaner hates me more than ever now as my sister made such a mess on the floor.

Also, very special thanks go out to the girls at The Lingerie Collective in Soho, who sent me the most gorgeous knickers with ‘Just Married’ in diamantes on the back. Clearly, knowing my love of glamorous products, it was an amazing gift to get during a pre-menstrual fury – it made me feel more bridal and less back fat. Girls, UH will love you for it – although it dawned on me the other day that I may well expire right after the wedding, a bit like when swimmers caught in rips in the ocean pass out as soon as they see the lifeguard. I wonder if I will cease to exist after I am married. Who knows? But one thing is for definite: these knickers are sure to help!

Katie ‘two weeks ‘til expiry date’ Maloy xx


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