Katie’s Long-Distance Wedding

Last-minute Big-day beauty - it's all happening for Katie with just one week to go...

Katie’s Real Bride’s Blog: One Week to Go

Katie, 33, is in PR, while her ex-soldier H2B Ultimate Hero (UH), 38, is a close protection bodyguard. She will be sharing her wedding diary with us in the countdown to her big day on April 30, 2011.


So brides, my sister and I got to Heathrow Terminal 4 just after 5am on Saturday to meet our Mum and brother. After cleaning the house and running around, I went to bed at 3am, was up at 4am, looked like death and got tailed by a bus (clearly the driver desperately needed the loo or was about to come off a shift).

The bus was so close to the back of the car it looked slightly like a mechanical monster about to open its mouth and swallow me up. I wondered how I’m going to pull off looking wonderfully bridal on the day as I glanced at myself in the mirror and wasn’t sure if my Mum and brother would even recognise me.

By the time we got there, my sister and I were so tired we could no longer hold the welcome sign up at arrivals. We almost forgot it was there until a taxi driver accidentally walked on it and got stuck (we were a little overzealous with the glue when we stuck the letters on).

It was so fabulous to see Mum and our brother Ben when they walked up to us though – I swiftly bundled them into the car, drove them to Norwich and put them on immediate frontline wedding duty.

The excitement reached a crescendo yesterday when the most gorgeous pair of gift boxes arrived all tied in bows with tulle. On purchasing the bathrobes and slippers for my bridal party, it dawned on me I’d forgotten myself. As much as these girls are used to seeing me flounce about in my underwear, it would be far more appropriate to wear a robe – at least for my hairdressing and make-up team.

Brides, I found the most gorgeous personalised bathrobes from pure-treats.com, so I splashed out and ordered a Mr-and-Mrs pair for the UH and me. UH announced that if I wear it on the morning of the wedding I won’t be a Mrs yet and I should save it. I told him to get a grip.

Anyway, the UH can’t really talk about ‘appropriate’ purchases. The other morning I discovered a rather impressive-looking box on my desk that contained a very sophisticated watch. Not sure that the UH needed another watch, I investigated further. It turns out it is an undercover watch with a camera in it and a small remote that you keep in your other pocket to record things. The Hero needs it for work, obviously, but I can’t help but think he might also go pointing it in the direction of my computer screen when I’m internet shopping.

Apart from the excitement of my bathrobes, something awesome happened to me the other day. After discussing my obvious weakness for crying at emotional events (or emotion in general to be honest) a friend of mine told me I needed to see Natalie of natalieeyelashextensions.co.uk – the famed eyelash technician. She is so famed, it turns out, she doesn’t even have a surname like Madonna, Prince and Rihanna. This was a fabulous piece of advice: with eyelash extensions and a make-up artist to hand I can cry to my heart’s content when I see my gorgeous Hero at the altar.

When I went to have my first appointment the other day, I physically bumped into an Amazonian A-lister – none other than Claudia Schiffer! I didn’t even know she was in town. Being that close I took the opportunity to take a look at her skin, and yes, it was poreless, and yes, she smelled of one of those unique and very expensive fragrances, and was wearing the spray-on-jeans-and-Prada-loafers-with-oversized-glasses ensemble.

She was so kind about the fact that I swiped her with my M&S bag of groceries and most likely whipped her in the face with my unruly ponytail. Who would have thought this girl and I would have anything in common? It slightly reminded me of the time I was at a party and Helena Christensen was there – we sat down next to each other, pulled out the same lipgloss and put it on. I thought it bonded us well – that and our mutual devotion to Michael Hutchence, my other great love before the Ultimate Hero.

I was still excited by the time I was on Natalie’s beauty couch having individual eyelashes applied.

‘Ahhh dahling, she is an old friend of mine,’ proclaimed Natalie. I quickly understood why. Natalie gave me such an amazing, glamorous look I also wanted to be her BBF. The patience and time of the treatment blew my mind, and the outcome was awesome. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made – it helped me finally start looking ‘bridal’. And Natalie is a genius – in her designer leggings, with her ballerina figure, she erased all signs of my pre-wedding stress and lack of sleep.

I am only a few days away from seeing the Ultimate Hero. It’s weird this time around, as I will marry him less than a week later. I cannot believe it’s almost upon us. I only have one more post with you, brides, before I am a Mrs – it’s really happening now.

I better get my legs waxed – UH may call the whole thing off if he sees me au naturel.

Katie ‘Hairy legged, awesome-eyelashed, fluffy-robed’ Maloy xx


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