Katie’s long-distance wedding

While H2B is in the Gulf, Katie is keeping herself busy with wedding plans

Katie Maloy and fiance

Katie, 33, is in PR, while her ex-soldier H2B, 38, is a close protection bodyguard. She will be sharing her wedding diary with us in the countdown to her big day on April 30, 2011.


We met last year. I was just coming out of a really difficult heartbreak with my boyfriend of 5 years and had made this decision the next guy would be the one. I actually asked God/The Universe/whatever to bring me my husband. I asked for nothing in particular apart from that he had to be the man for me and he would totally embrace all aspects of me and not be scared by it. I wanted a completely honest relationship. I think as women we are trained to not honestly communicate with men because we are told we will frighten them, I wanted a man who would actually really appreciate that level of honesty.

During our first real conversation, I told him that within a year I would be married and the man would be completely ready for that level of commitment and want to try for a baby immediately. I wanted that as do many other women but we are taught to not say that as men will run for the hills!

I kind of knew when I met him he was my husband; in truth it was like he was flashing neon lights ‘Husband’ ‘Father of your children’ he just looked so right to me. Nothing happened when we first met, it wasn’t really the right time.

Weeks went by and lots of calls, texts and emails. Then he picked me up on a Friday from work to take me away for the weekend, I ran to him when he arrived outside (it was our first official date but nothing had happened physically between us yet) and that night he asked me to marry him.

My fiance was a British Paratrooper for years and then retired to take on private contracts as the money is much better and the time apart usually isn’t as long. He is also a military actor. I didn’t realise it but some directors request officially trained military men for films. In Bloody Sunday he dived through a window, so they don’t need to use stunt doubles!

He also has an agency supplying close protection body guards to politicians and celebrities which we hope he will do more of after we are married so he won’t have to go back it the Middle East.

I am Australian but have been in London for 7 years. My house is in London UH has a house in Norfolk and an apartment in Egypt. So we won’t officially live together till after the wedding which is quite cute really.


Katie xx