Pampered Pre-Nups

Shoes, make-up and financial security

Pre-Nuptial Agreement Package: Shoes, Make-up and Financial Security

You’d think they were the latest slice of X Factor scandal: the papers, the web, the TV; since super-rich heiress Katrin Radmacher got hers upheld – giving them a whole lot more kudos in UK courts – pre-nups are everywhere.


OK, so they’re less romantic than rumours of Harry Styles’ crush on Cher Lloyd, and they’re nowhere near as fun to read as just about everything Wagner does, but what if we threw in a personal shopper, a make-up consultation or even an afternoon of pampering with your maids? Tempted yet?

That’s just what Harvey Nichols Manchester are up to. Pop over to their personal shopping department, ask for the ‘pre-nup package’, and as well as crucial insider advice on shoes, jewellery and wedding dresses, your fashion-savvy new friend will book you in for a free pre-nuptial agreement consultation with Dennison Greer Solicitors.

Why? Harvey Nics reckon 47% of us want to protect our stuff in case our marriage goes the way of Paul McCartney’s (alright, we haven’t got £25 million to lose, but who knows? We might be the next £113 million lottery winners. Please please please…). So apart from the fact they’re about as sentimental as Cruella de Vil, what’s stopping the almost half of us who want a pre-nup from getting it done?

“If you’ve purchased a flat and have paid into a mortgage there is nothing wrong with wanting to protect that if it’s what you came into the marriage with,” reassures Lisa Kemp, Dennison Greer’s Head of Family Law. “Having a properly drafted agreement can help avoid a messy divorce.”

“We hope that the launch of the pre-nup package makes it easier for women to get important information about the process and make informed decisions before making a commitment.”

And yes, unsexy as it is, if you want to make sure before you say ‘I do’ that you’ll never have to wave goodbye to your hard-earned Jimmy Choo collection, you have to do it properly – with a real-life solicitor and everything – or learn the hard way (à la Stephen Spielberg, who paid up to the tune of £80 million) that scrawlings on a cocktail napkin aren’t admissible in court.


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