Sama’s wedding planning challenge

By day, trained actress Sama works for bridal boutique Blackburn Bridal Couture and by night, she's an aspiring wedding planner, which comes in handy when planning her own wedding in a big empty barn in deepest Kent...

Sama Goldie wedding blogger

Well, hello there Y&YW readers and fellow brides-to-be! My name is Sama and the nose in the picture opposite belongs to that of my partner-in-crime and newly-crowned fiancé (lucky him), Paul.


Friends since we were 16, we had a cheeky snog in the karaoke tent of a university summer ball aged 21 and have been together ever since.  I fell in love with his kind face, wisdom and ‘unique’ sense of humour; he fell in love with my podgy cheeks, exuberance and equally ‘unique’ sense of humour.

Paul is an English teacher (sensible job: tick), and likes the simple things in life: Arsenal FC, evenings in the pub with friends and his most treasured possession, his Mitsubishi Evo. I, on the other hand, like to see myself as more of a ‘creative’ type. I’m a trained actress, doing the odd acting job here and there, but I work full-time at Blackburn Bridal Couture, an incredibly beautiful bridal boutique in Blackheath, London. I like theatre and music and Pinterest and karaoke… things that Paul doesn’t really get. He likes football and car forums and endless re-runs of Man Vs Food: things that I definitely don’t get! But thankfully we get each other; we find each other hilarious (well, someone has to), and we share (most of) the same morals and virtues and aspirations for the future.

In December last year, Paul proposed in the bath in a beautiful hotel in Cambridge, with my late grandmother’s engagement ring which appeared out of nowhere (read into that what you will). Having waited for this moment for a loooong six and a half years, I’ve launched into Operation Amazing Wedding, and Paul has been left wondering what the hell he’s got himself into.  

Our nuptials are planned for 25 May 2013, in a big empty barn in deepest Kent. Except it won’t be empty on the day; it’ll be full to the brim with colour and love and festoon lighting and other beautiful things. It is completely dry-hire, which means apart from the building itself we have to hire everything else in: tables, chairs, caterers, lighting, portaloos… It’s a huge job, but as an aspiring wedding planner I’m viewing it as a lovely big project to get my teeth into.  And I’m not nervous… no, not nervous at all….

I do hope you’ll join me as I blog monthly for the Y&YW website. There will be highs, there will be lows, but at the end of it all there will be a wedding, which is what we’re all here for after all. If you want to read about my exploits as they happen, feel free to pop by my personal blog too, which I started just after we got engaged (theutterblog.wordpress.com).

See you in a month! I’m excited…


Next month, Sama reveals her tips for finding your dream venue