Sara’s vintage wedding diary – 8 weeks to go!

Meet our latest bride planning her big day...

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Hi everyone…


How many more decisions do I have to make?
Is it wrong to be changing things now with only 8 weeks to go?
Why is it when we have the option to change something we ultimately think it must be a better solution and can’t help ourselves?

So I had an appointment with a florist, Amanda Bright in Rustington, late I know!! But this was the one area I had been putting off a little as I really did not know what I wanted – just what I did not like, which seemed about everything.

So… how can we keep it on theme and yet make an impact when people enter the barn?

There I was facing a fantastically vibrant lady who seemed to completely understand and I was surrounded by pictures of flowers I did not like.

I turn around and I found the inspiration I have been looking for ….feather balls. My sister and mum immediately knew what I was thinking. (I think I even hear them sigh with relief)

We grab champagne vase place on top, filled with pearls, lights and rose head, perfect. This does mean our original idea of antiques candle holders as centre pieces has now changed completely, but this is just perfect.

I am now on a roll and within 30 minutes I have made decisions on antique roses for the Bridesmaids hair instead of them having to carry anything (surly they will be too busy running around after me), roses and feathers for button holes, a ball of gip for me to throw and ivy and gip for garlands.  

Is it really possible to decide all your flowers and not see it all together until the day before? In this case I believe so!

Next stop was to pick up my dress. The first time a noticed a flaw in the material and was devastated. Amazingly the shop were fantastic and arranged for another one to be made. So, for the first time I get to take it home and try the shoes to see if they match.

My wedding shoes are the bargain of the year and they match the oyster colour of my dress… I am the luckiest bride; they are perfect! Excitement is beginning to set in.

Next week I will be picking up the jewellery I have seen… I can at last try it all on together. Until then…