Sara’s vintage wedding diary – the night before!

Meet our latest bride planning her big day...

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What a busy day.
Why do we never learn that, we cannot do everything in one day and time really will fly by. I added at least one hour to everything we needed to do today we still had to cancel the massages and we did not get to check the flowers at the florist – let’s hope I can trust her as much as I think!


So as there is no wedding today at the Barns, we can go and set up from 2pm. The tables and chairs, cutlery, glasses etc are being delivered this morning and the caterers will have them set up for us to decorate by then.

We loaded two cars and off we went. I took extra of everything and had a little box with wire, scissors, tape etc which was a god send for anything that we had to change or amend on the spot.

I had a different box for each table with the table number, place setting, favours cameras etc, so that it was easier for us all to set it up.

A few hours later the alcohol is delivered and we are done, phew.
I must say the caterers, www.nibbles2nosh.co.uk are absolutely amazing and I felt more relaxed knowing they had everything under control. The owner Time and Nicola were great too, checking we had everything, letting us get on, and knowing if we needed ANYTHING they would be there to help.

I have never doubted our decision to have it at Upwaltham barns and  after today I am so happy as I know tomorrow will be great, and an added bonus the weather seems to be holding out.  

Fingers crossed the sun will have his hat on for us tomorrow.

A fair few guests came today so we headed to the Hotel to have a quick drink and then off to my mums for a girly night and take away.
I am feeling very relaxed, I hope this is not the calm before the storm.


Night and wish me luck. x x