Skirts to suit your figure

The skirt section of a wedding dress comes in a variety of shapes and lengths and can do wonders to play down parts of your figure you'd prefer not to emphasise!

Full skirt


The full skirt sometimes has a hoop to make it even bigger. Wide-hipped brides often wear this style to hide extra weight, although this works best when the skirt is not completely filled out underneath.


Box Pleats


Deep, parallel pleats of fabric that cascade down the skirt can be very flattering for brides who want to play down their hips and thighs, especially in a heavy fabric such as satin.



Fabric is gathered below the waistline at the back of the dress. Brides often avoid bustles thinking they make their bottoms look bigger, but a bustle can actually be very flattering style for girls of all shapes and sizes.

Pick-Up Hem


Pieces of fabric gather and drape in a curve to one point, then another point, several times around the hem of the dress. Great for brides who want to look taller or slimmer.

Tulip Skirt


This flirty style is slim and hugging until it reaches the mid-thigh then it flares out to the knee or just below. Great for balancing out wide hips.


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