Symbolic Platinum

What do your platinum wedding bands say about you?

The Platinum Look of Love


You’ve already got the gleaming platinum engagement ring – next stop, his ‘n’ hers wedding bands. Since it’s oh-so rare and 95% pure, it’s got to be another round of platinum – enduring, stylish and symbolic of your love, it’s the only choice for a wedding ring that will stand the test of time. Pick from our fave five and represent your relationship with the perfect platinum band…


PH Rings wedding bands, from £1800, phrings.com


CW Sellors


When your friends asked where you first met, a wink and a smile passed between you – it’s the little secrets that only you know that make your love so special. Add another clandestine touch to your big day with these platinum wedding bands by CW Sellors – only your groom will know which of those days of the month are precious, and you’ll keep that subtly sparkling diamond covert.

CW Sellors wedding band with dates from £6335, and wedding band from £5000, cwsellors.com



You announced your engagement ever-so-coolly – no phone-a-thon and no Facebook status update – with dinner for all your nearest and dearest and a toast to the love of your life. Keep that understated elegance with you at all times in these Domino platinum wedding bands – his sleek and minimal, yours woven with diamonds that twist oh-so delicately around it.

Domino wedding bands from £650 each, theweddingshop.co.uk

Furrer Jacot


Flowers, chocolates, string quartet – your groom’s proposal had the works, and so did his last birthday, since you’re a couple who love treating each other. Go all-out for your big day and celebrate your future in style with these chic Furrer Jacot wedding bands. It’s ultra-glam all-over diamonds for you, and so-slick two-texture platinum for him – everything your hearts could desire.

Furrer Jacot wedding rings from £3500 each, furrer-jacot.com



Close the door at the home you share and the whole world disappears – all you need for happiness is each other. Commemorate your relaxed, uncomplicated love with these effortlessly sophisticated Wedfit platinum wedding bands. What more could you want?

Wedfit wedding band for her from £400 and for him from £900, preciousplatinum.co.uk

Wright & Teague


You’ve been together for as long as you can remember and you know each other inside-out – your love is a part of what makes you who you are and your marriage is about the memories to come. Look forward to your life together with Wright & Teague’s rustic, archaeological-style platinum wedding rings – a reminder that you became husband and wife to create your very own history.


Wright & Teague Ischia wedding band for him from £3150, and Ischia diamond eternity ring for her from £2000, wrightandteague.com