The Cost of Your Engagement Ring Can Depend on Where Your Groom is From

It sounds crazy, but the amount spent on your engagement ring can depend on where you live and where your groom is from!

Whilst you might not be expecting the world’s most expensive engagement ring from your other half, it’s still nice to think they’ve put time and effort into choosing the perfect ring for you, so we were fascinated when we learnt that jewellers Ingle & Rhode have broken down how much is spent on engagement rings across the country. 


We’ve all heard variations on the rule you should spend between one and three months’ salary on a ring, so how did grooms across the UK measure up?

Image credit | Wesley Vorster Photography

The Big Spenders

Grooms based in London came out on top in the survey, with 40% of them spending between one and two months’ salary on a beautiful diamond ring for their partners. Scottish men were the second most generous with a third of them forking out over a month’s salary, and the same goes for grooms from Northern Ireland.

In the Middle

If you’re from East Anglia, it’s likely your ring cost your partner about three weeks’ worth of his salary, as almost a third of men from there spent that much when proposing. 35% of grooms from the East Midlands spent two weeks’ worth of their salary on engagement rings and a third of men from the North West did the same. Almost 40% of grooms in Wales bought engagement rings that were worth two weeks’ wages too.

Savvy Savers

Obviously it doesn’t really matter how much the ring costs – what matters is that it’s a thoughtful choice and it’s perfect for you. But wow – grooms from the South West, West Midlands and the North West all spent less than one week’s worth of their pay on the ring they proposed with.


The survey also revealed that almost a quarter of brides were disappointed with their proposal – if this has made you feel a bit sad, why not read the most heart-warming proposal stories? They’ll definitely cheer you up!