The Most Curious Wedding Fair Share Their Top Tips for Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

Sponsored Article: Here at Most Curious Wedding Fair, we couldn’t be more passionate about couples creating a wedding day that reflects who they are...

We are a show that incorporates the lifestyle trends and looks you love into the wedding world, enabling you to make your day a glorious, turned up to ten, styled to perfection representation of your normal lives and the things you love rather than fitting your day into a wedding shaped box.


But we’re not going to pretend it’s always easy, not bowing down to tradition or what Granny/mum/Aunt Gladys thinks a wedding should involve can be tricky as well as walking the fine line between putting your personality into the nuptials without losing the fact it is a wedding completely.

We’ve asked some of our 2017 exhibitors to give some tips on a) how to handle it and b) how they can help! Come and meet them at the show on 17-19 March at the Truman Brewery, East London and the St Andrews Hall, Norwich on the 9 April.

Penny Baldry – The Norwich Most Curious Show & The Little Lending Co

Penny Baldry was a beautiful bride in 2014 and heads up both the NORWICH MOST CURIOUS SHOW and Norfolk’s coolest wedding prop hire outlet, The Little Lending Co.

Penny from The Little Lending Co

“Being a unique, stylish couple can be the biggest blessing but also the biggest curse. Knowing what you want for your day feels so amazing, but along the way there will always be a little bit of compromise; from finding amazing decor pieces which are never ‘just up the road’ or are completely unaffordable, to venue restrictions and people just not getting it. 

Decor | Little Lending Co

“Getting your day, your way can feel like climbing a giant mountain. Don’t get disheartened, work out what’s truly important and a must-have for the day and put your efforts into making it a reality. 

“Smaller, cooler and on-point suppliers can take some finding; don’t stop on page one of Google, go social and search Instagram hashtags, Facebook stalk, check out cool wedding fairs and talk to suppliers you have already booked for their recommendations. Don’t rush into booking someone out of desperation!

Decor | Little Lending Co

“My advice to couples is always ‘Stay true to you two’. If you love absolutely every piece you’re bringing to the table (literally) your venue will be customised and completely unique to you guys.

“If you love a junk shop and your home is full of eclectic pieces, or have a piece of art at home you bought together or you’re a mad crafter, your wedding day should totally show this to all your friends and family. You’ll feel on top of that giant mountain and the day will be a showcase of what makes you and your partner go together so damn well.”

Katya Shehurina of Katya Katya London

Katya is a bridal wear exhibitor at the London Most Curious Wedding Fair

“When I got married I was told it was unlucky to design my own wedding dress, so I had someone else make it for me in my vision, a mix of beautiful lace and feathers. 

Dress | Katya Katya London

“It took place in an old abandoned airport, Spilve, in Riga and was a mix of grunge & chic. We celebrated with our closest friends and family and it was everything I envisioned. What I learnt was to not over stress if certain things do not go your way, there will always be little hiccups but if you give yourself enough time these can always be rectified. 

Dress | Katya Katya London

My advice to any bride would be to give yourself plenty of time to plan and make decisions. When you are under pressure it is not always easy to think clearly when a hundred and one things need sorting.”

Helaina King, The Rich Mix Venue in East London

Helaina King is an exhibitor at the London Most Curious Wedding Fair

“Shoreditch is the perfect place to have a creative wedding where you can be yourselves. It’s also a great area to get trendy wedding snaps, but it can be tricky to keep your guests occupied whilst you fit in all those important photos.

Venue | The Rich Mix Theatre

“We suggest putting our boutique cinemas to use! Not only can you say your ‘I dos’ in front of the silver screen, you can also show your favourite film to kick off your reception party.

“And while you’re at it, why not ditch the traditional wedding cake for a popcorn extravaganza; popcorn confetti, popcorn centrepieces, popcorn props. After all, you are unique, and we think your wedding should be too!”

Katie Sutton of The Vintage House That Could

Katie Sutton of the Vintage House That Could and Source, Sell and Style Reloved Props is a London exhibitor

“Your day, your way? Easier said than done when all around you have an opinion! Our wedding was everything we dreamed of and the reason? We didn’t conform to people’s ideals, only our own.

Decor | The Vintage House That Could

“One the many things we did was to say ‘no’ to a seating plan, we didn’t want to insist on people sitting with certain people and we insisted on no top table, I didn’t want to be seen as more important and therefore we sat with everyone else.

“Styling your wedding is a huge reflection on you as a couple and I always try and bring aspects of the couples personality into my schemes, luckily my husband loves pastels too!

Decor | The Vintage House That Could

“The other thing we decided on was not to have a cake. Now, there are some amazing cake makers and designers out there but we wanted our guests to feel part of the day and asked them to bring their own creations!”

Decor | The Vintage House That Could

Kate Brown of Music by Kate and Dave

Kate Brown of Music by Kate and Dave who are exhibiting and performing at the London Most Curious Wedding Fair

“We got married in 2015 and decided against playing at our own wedding as we have so many musical friends that contributed instead.

“We had a Kate Bush choir and string quartet (made up of our friends), a surprise personalised barbershop sextet and Dave’s brother organised 90’s singer Omar singing one of our favourites ‘There’s Nothing Like This’. In the evening our afrobeat band ensured everybody danced all night and our first dance was a mash-up routine to MJ, Rick James and an ironic hint of Dirty Dancing!

Music by Kate and Dave | Nia Rose Photography

“Since planning our own wedding, we realised the more personalised the better when it comes to wedding music so we decided to offer a bespoke service learning and performing any chosen song for the wedding ceremony. The music should be all about you, the wedding couple – nobody else! 

For weddings, the music plays such an important role in making amazing memories that last. With that in mind if it means you need to buck the music trend, just do it! Make sure you find musicians who will be happy to accommodate your choices and make it work for you. It just so happens that we pride ourselves on doing just that.”

Georgina Read, Boutique Stationer

Georgina Read is a London exhibitor

Make your wedding yours – Wedding branding is essentially deciding the style of your big day, and it’s best done in the earliest stages of your wedding planning. It makes sure everything is consistent from the save the date to the flowers on the table, and let’s be honest consistency is key. So, if you’ve just got engaged and you’re in a world of wedding mags, dress dilemmas and endless episode of ‘my big fat gypsy wedding.’ STOP. Take a breather and have a read of this blog post, before you do anything.

Stationery by Georgina Read

Pinterest is your best friend – You use it as a mood board for life, for your wardrobe, what you eat and how to style your coffee tables so it makes sense to set up a Pinterest board for your wedding. Make it a secret to keep your theme and style a surprise and pin away! Go for images that represent you as a couple, choose colours that he likes too, and cover everything. This process will naturally present a style that you’re drawn to, and from here you can narrow down the specifics like the dress, the type of flower and the style of stationery. 

Style your words – Yes, words are important but the way they’re written can make the words that are written all the more poignant. Does that make sense? If you’ve gone for a traditional, typically romantic theme then calligraphy and classical font choices will be best for your stationery. Whatever the style, there’s a font out there for it, and just like you and your beloved, some fonts just fit together – rely on your wedding stationer to help you find the right typography pairing.  

Amanda Li Hope, Jewellery Designer

Jewellery designer Amanda Li Hope is a London exhibitor 

“People often ask me when should they start thinking about their wedding bands. My answer: You can never start too soon. In addition to symbolising your commitment to each other, your wedding rings also tell a bigger story of who you are: your style, personality and values. This significance takes time to consider, in addition to the time it will take find the right jeweller and have the rings made.

Wedding Rings | Amanda Li Hope

“As one of the first jewellers working in Fairtrade gold, I would also encourage couples to ask where their jeweller’s materials come from. As wedding bands represent love, it only makes sense they are created from materials of reputable provenance.

“Having previously worked as an architect, I enjoy translating my clients’ individual preferences into a handmade bespoke design. I love using my creativity as a designer and skills as a craftsman to reflect the individual stories and personalities of the couples I work with through jewellery. Fine craftsmanship and working with responsibly sourced materials is at the heart of my work, and I make every ring entirely by hand in my London studio.”

Bridalwear Designer Jane Bowler

Contemporary bridalwear designer Jane Bowler is exhibiting at the London show

“I got married in June last year and decided that I should make my own wedding dress, this was the beginnings of our debut Jane Bowler Bridal collection. I wanted a dress which was different to anything else out there and something which I could wear again after the big day.

Jane Bowler in her custom wedding dress

“The dress was hand crafted in my East London studio and made from soft metallic PVC. The reversible design allowed me to be a golden bride as I walked down the aisle and then reverse it to black and hologram for the evening party.

I felt very strongly that I wanted to be able to wear my wedding dress again after the big day was over. Why should you only be able to wear the most important dress of your life once?! My dress was also made as a two-piece which means that I have been able to wear the skirt and top separately as well as wearing my headpiece and accessories for numerous festivals since. A wedding dress can be for life, not just for your wedding day!”

Anna Wallis of Rose Paper Scissors

Anna Wallis is a stylist and stationer and will be exhibiting Rose Paper Scissors at the London show

“Too often, when people feel the need to have traditional weddings, they fall into the trap of becoming a cookie cutter couple. They spend their day doing things they don’t believe in and that doesn’t represent their personality just for the sake of well…following tradition! 

Rose Paper Scissors

“Your wedding day is about celebrating the unique love you have for one another. It should reflect your wonderful love story and represent the journey of your lives together so far.

“And your love story is completely unique – take pride in celebrating these wonderful differences that set your apart from others and let every element of your day reflect your personality as a couple.

“Don’t be afraid to mix things up – after all, your guests are there to celebrate you both – so show them just how awesome you are! Choose colours, themes and details for your stationery and styling that you both like and enjoy the chance to create your own personal wedding ‘brand’.

“Most of all though – enjoy every second! Planning takes up so much more time than your wedding day itself, so it should be just as exciting – and don’t stress about the small stuff!”

Helaina Storey of Helaina Storey Wedding Design

Helaina Storey will be exhibiting at the London show

“We are big believers here at Helaina Storey Wedding Design in curating a day that is a true reflection of you, your personalities and what makes your hearts soar. Set themes and colour schemes are becoming a thing of the past and we are delighted to be seeing more and more couples embracing their individuality, doing away with ‘package’ offerings and breaking tradition, to design a wedding day that is memorable, visually dynamic and sets itself apart from the rest. 

Helaina Storey Wedding Design

“It’s all about style over trends, as far as we’re concerned. Look beyond traditional ‘wedding inspiration’ when planning and styling your day. Think about what inspires you in everyday life, like fashion, the places you go together, the things you both adore, the décor in your home and the story of how you met and fell in love. 

“Forget about following the status quo. Your wedding day is all about you two. So if you fancy pizza and doughnuts instead of a formal three course wedding breakfast, a mammoth week long celebration abroad or a waterslide for an aisle, we say go for it! Even if Great Aunty Florence isn’t too mad on the idea…”

Helaina Storey Wedding Design

“We can help you to translate all the things that your hearts desire into a fresh, unique and show stopping event, that not only makes an incredible impression on your guests but means the world to you and your husband or wife to be. Because it’s ‘YOU’.”

Sapphire Bates, The Flower Arranger

Sapphire Bates will be exhibiting at the London show

“Here at The Flower Arranger we believe that your wedding should scream YOU. Instead of following the current trend we urge all our brides and grooms to share as much information about themselves with us as possible so we can help them to create really personal wedding flowers. Remember it is your special day.”

Bouquet | The Flower Arranger

Hannah Ollichon of House of Ollichon

Hannah Ollichon is the bridal and separates designer behind House of Ollichon and will be exhibiting at the London show

“Big, white bridal gowns will always be popular, the childhood dream finally comes true (for some of us!) of floating around all day like a princess. However, women today have evolved beyond this stereotype and now we have the confidence and individuality to ‘dress’ in trousers.

Bridal Separates | House of Ollichon

“After hundreds of years of bridal tradition where the gown was the only option for brides, an exciting new era is upon us. For women who want to buck the stereotype, for women who want to boogie all night, let’s push our bridal boundaries and embrace the jumpsuit! “

Alexandra Noble from Flowers & Foliage

Alexandra Noble from Flowers & Foliage will be exhibiting at the London show

“A bespoke wedding print from Flowers & Foliage allows a couple to savour their big day long after the date itself. The spirit of the wedding is preserved and the artwork serves as a true celebration of the couple’s individuality.”

Print | Flowers & Foliage

Nicola of the Stone Hearts Club

London exhibitors Nicola and Emma are from the Stone Hearts Club Contemporary Luxe Jewellery Co

“We tied the knot in LA, where I’m from, so it was important for me and my Londoner husband to strike the right balance so it represented us as a couple. We love throwing parties, and this was our biggest and best one yet! Surrounded by our nearest and dearest, our big day was a laid back celebration with amazing food, free-flowing booze, and dancing under the stars. 

Jewellery | Stone Hearts Club

“Apart from making sure our guests had a blast, our aim was for our individual personalities to shine through. For me, that was sporting almost-black lipstick, my grandma walking me down the aisle, my maid of honour giving a speech, and having fried chicken and waffles on the menu. Did I mention the rose gold cutlery?!

“My husband had both a best man and woman, his sister as an usher, and kept his outfit a secret too so neither of us knew what the other was wearing – I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the custom flamingo lining in his suit!

“Our wedding wasn’t traditional nor was it to everyone’s taste, but it was everything we’d hoped for because we trusted ourselves and trusted each other.”

Rachel Harrison, Wedding Planner

Rachel Harrison from the Capston Second is exhibiting at the London show

“Try not to worry about the opinions of your friends and family too much if you want to buck tradition. I have been involved in a huge number of weddings and on the day, the atmosphere is always one of such love and support. Everyone there on your big day is happy to see you happy and little surprises always go down well. 

Image | Matt Parry Photography

“If you want to skip a traditional cake and set up a doughnut wall, play around with the order of the day or wear a green dress go for it – you won’t regret it!”

Megan Collins from Blossom & Crumb

Cake maker Megan Collins from Blossom & Crumb will be exhibiting at the London show

“I am extremely passionate about helping couples personalise their big day. It is, after all, an event that is all about a unique union. The cake can be a great place to add in that extra layer of personalisation as where better to have a little fun? You might stamp your mark via the flavour. 

Cake | Blossom & Crumb

“You could start with your favourite beverage or dessert. For example, one couple I worked with chose tea and coffee as the taste inspiration with alternate layers of my Dark Fluid coffee cake and Earl Grey based London Fog flavours. Another option is to add a dash of personality in the decoration. Wedding cakes don’t have to be white. They can be bright and bold, take their inspiration from nature and organic materials like marble and moss, they can be metallic and sparkly, or whatever aesthetic makes your hearts sing. 

“One of my favourite cakes from last year was a buttercream drip cake in pastel tones based on one of the couples’ favourite films, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.

Accessories | Florence & Dot

Valentin of Le Colonel Moutarde

Valentin of Le Colonel Moutarde, groom’s accessory brand, will be at the London show

“Don’t try to be someone else. This day must look like you! Listen to your heart. Enjoy every single moment and manage one hour with your fiancé to do some pictures.

“This is a time to breathe before the party. Everything will be perfect so forget your stress.”

An Alleweireldt, Oxx Jewellery

An Alleweireldt is the creator of Oxx Jewellery and London show exhibitor

“All our ring sets are handmade to order and have that special connection, just like you and your partner. They can be made in any metal of choice, including fair mined gold, this to fit your budget and style.

Rings | Oxx Jewellery

“If you would like unique rings, then that is possible too. Our collectable pieces of jewellery demand a closer look, there is always more to them than meets the eye. If you are into minimalist jewellery with a personal touch, then you are at the right address with Oxx Jewellery.”

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