The safari honeymoon lowdown

Travel writer Lisa Jayne Curtiss gives us the essential lowdown on what to know before embarking on an action packed safari honeymoon.

Honeymoon safari

Embrace Safari Chic!
Pack lightweight, cool, neutral coloured (so you’re harder for the animals to spot!) comfortable clothes and shoes to walk and go on game drives in. And, much as I love my vertiginous heels, I never wore them as all of the camp paths were deep sand. Ballet pumps, strappy flat sandals, flip flops and of course barefoot are the options I would recommend. Don’t forget to pack swimwear and sunglasses for you both for the beach and pools.


Bite Free Zone
As with anywhere in Tanzania and surrounding countries, there is the chance of getting bitten by mosquitoes. See your doctor about malaria tablets at least two weeks before you go, and take a good, high strength insect deterrent. In honesty, we didn’t get bitten, but it is still strongly recommended you take these precautions for peace of mind.

Hot Hot Hot!
Depending on when you go, the temperatures range around the low to high thirties and the sun is strong so do pack a high factor sun screen even if you think you don’t usually get burnt. June to October is the cooler dry season, whilst November to March is hotter and greener.

Picture Perfect
Don’t forget your camera (ideally with a good telephoto lens), spare batteries or charger, and memory cards as I guarantee you will have plenty of opportunities to take incredible photographs to cherish and look back on when you are home. Take your compact, lightweight video camera equipment too.

And, a small, lightweight set of binoculars so you can be the first to spot the game when out and about!


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