Unforgettable honeymoons in Latin America

Experience unrivalled romance on the trip of a lifetime with travel experts Journey Latin America

For romantic ramblers – Chilean Patagonia


For sheer breathtaking beauty, you’ll find it hard to top Torres del Paine National Park in southern Patagonia.


A stunning snow-capped wilderness of epic proportions, the landscape dramatically moves from flowery meadows and babbling rivers to glassy lagoons and needle-sharp glaciers.

The experts at Journey Latin America can help you navigate the rugged terrain and see all the trip-of-a-lifetime sights the park has to offer in style. If you’re feeling energetic, a hiking or horse-back tour will let you see the amazing landscape up close or try a luxury car tour for a no-effort-needed option.

And for those looking for the ultimate in unique honeymoon experiences, Journey Latin America can arrange for you to spend a few days at Estancia Cerro Guido, a vast working sheep ranch where you can immerse yourself in the Patagonian way of life.

Base yourself in the explora Hotel Salto Chico which perches on the banks of Lake Pehoé and is surrounded by Lord of the Rings-style spiked mountain ranges.

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For luxury-lovers – Florianopolis, Brazil


South America’s surfers paradise, Florianopolis is famed for its magnificent coastline and love of the good life.

The place well-heeled Brazilians go to let their hair down, this up-and-coming destination is an intoxicating mix of hot boutique hotels, chic cocktail lounges, laid-back beaches and and out-of-this-world natural beauty.

With over 40 white-sand beaches to chose from, this is a place to check in and chill out. Surfers will be spoilt for choice too with plenty of stunning locations along the coast to ride the waves. Learners will love Barra da Lagoa, a quaint cove with gentle waters where you can find your feet while those with more accomplished skills can put themselves to the test at Campeche Beach. Stay untill sunset and then party ‘till dawn at the buzzing beachfront bars.

Tie your trip in with the Festa do Divino, a lively festival which takes place 40 days after Easter and sees the streets filled with music and dancing. Don’t eat before you go though, the street food during this traditional parade is some of the best you will ever try.

After living the high life in the city, let Journey Latin America whisk you off to Ponta dos Ganchos, a honeymoon paradise where A-list worthy privacy and top-of-the-range resort facilities are high on the agenda.

For on-the-go urbanites – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


As city hot spots go, they don’t get more exciting than Rio. A cultural melting pot, this place has a real zest for life. Squeezed in-between green thatched mountains and golden sands, the city is an eclectic mix of colonial buildings and glass skyscrapers.

Now notebooks at the ready, brides-to-be, make sure you experience the can’t-miss cable car ride to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain for its spectacular views over the city, as well as a trip up Corcovado mountain to see its iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer up close. You can also take a trip to the world’s largest urban rainforest, Tijuca Forest National Park, and get to know some of the local wildlife. Win a few brownie points and let your new husband visit the Maracanã football stadium to live out his World Cup winner dreams. Just think of the stories you’ll have to tell the in-laws when you get home!

After all that sightseeing, you’ll need a place to rest your weary feet. Thankfully the experts at Journey Latin America have a host of romance-ready hotels to recommend. For unadulterated luxury, choose the sumptuous Copacabana Palace. Since 1923 this grand hotel has welcomed rock stars and royalty and claims a prime spot on the beachfront strip.

For sun worshippers – Mayan Riviera, Mexico


Gentle turquoise waters, white powdery sand and Mayan ruins; Mexico is the place to relax in the lap of luxury with a little light sightseeing on the side!

No effort is needed on your part when it comes to booking your trip, Journey Latin America have short-listed the crème de la crème of hotels for your honeymoon stay in Mexico. Among their top choices is the Maroma Resort which has set our hearts aflutter with its promise of exotic escapism.

Although it might take a little effort to tear yourself away from the hotel, the unbelievably beautiful Riviera is home to must-see archaeological treasures that you’d be mad to miss. Resplendent Mayan ruins rise over the landscape at Tulum, Coba and Chichén Itza and are a reminder of the mythical Mayan culture.

Beach-lovers are in for a treat too as some of the most stunning places to catch some rays are right on your doorstep. Isla Mujeres is said to have been a haven for a Mayan goddess (with its idyllic blue sea and bright white sand it’s easy to see why) and is the perfect place to feast on freshly caught seafood.

For high-life adventurers – Machu Picchu, Peru


A trip to Machu Picchu sums up what Journey Latin America does best – showing you places you’ll love in a style that suits you. It’s luxury all the way on this trip of a lifetime to see one of the most breathtaking sights of the ancient world.

Set in a high Andean valley, Cuzco is Peru’s captivating Inca capital, and the base for visits to Machu Picchu. The imposing ruins sit on a rambling mountain-top above the Urubamba River and can be reached by various Inca trail treks, but it’s well worth splashing out to arrive in style on the Orient Express’s Hiram Bingham train. Harking back to the golden age of rail travel, we defy even the most world-weary traveller not to go weak at the knees as the lavish carriages chug through the Urubamba valley. And true to its Orient Express credentials, you’re guaranteed gastronomic delights and first-class service.

The VIP treatment continues as Journey Latin America checks you into Sanctuary Lodge, a prestigious hotel which enjoys an exclusive location at the entrance to the ruins. Plus, as Machu Picchu is only open to the public from 6am-6pm, residents at this hotel are among the very few who get to see these ancient stones illuminated by spectacular sunrises and mystical moonlit nights. How about that for romance!

For nature-lovers- The Galapagos Islands


All aboard the love boat! If you and your man are dreaming of setting sail on an amazing trip of tropical discovery, the Galapagos Islands are the ideal honeymoon destination for you.

A collection of 13 volacanic islands in the mid-Pacific, the Galapagos lie in quiet isolation on the Equator and are famed for their untouched beauty. Forest-clad mountains give way to lagoons fringed with tangled mangroves and sparkling white-sand beaches – it’s real picture-postcard stuff.

The remote location has allowed wildlife to flourish so bring your binoculars and your hiking boots! You’ll be able to spot penguins and sea lions on the rocky coastline and iguanas and tortoises hide in the lush vegetation further inland. Divers could spot tiny seahorses darting in and out of the reef while bird watchers might be treated to the sight of Galapagos hawks or flightless cormorants. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see nature at its very finest.

The best way to experience the magic of the islands is to hop between them on a luxurious cruise. Journey Latin America have a flotilla of fancy vessels at their disposal, from intimate tall ships which capture the romance of the open sea, to slick yachts with polished sundecks and a Jacuzzi. The Galapagos National Park guidelines mean cruise itineraries change from departure to departure, so the expert travel advisors at Journey Latin America will help make sure you don’t miss a thing.

For eco-friendly fans – Panama


If a place in the sun where tourism hasn’t really taken off yet is your idea of honeymoon heaven, be among the first to discover the secret beauty of Panama.

With genuinely unspoilt beaches, pristine rainforests and a coastline of coral reefs, this budding destination is a place to indulge your inquisitive side. If you and your man are all-action types, you can kayak around the islands of Kuna Yala, trek the historic Camino Real cobblestone highway – spotting jaguars and howler monkeys on your way – and explore the rainforest in the La Amistad International Park. For a more laid-back start to married life, head to the isolated Caribbean archipelago Bocas del Toro, home of the Marine National Park. Here, the beaches will wow you and you’ll have the chance to snorkel in the clear-as-cut-glass sea. Get to know the locals in San Blas, a string of 365 tropical islands where you can meet the Kuna indians who live in contented isolation on the coral atolls.

Keen to promote its green credentials, amazing eco-aware lodges are popular in Panama and with its unbeatable local knowledge, Journey Latin America has scouted out the best. On the quilted green Isla Bastimentos, Tranquilo Bay is set high up above the shore with unbeatable views over the treetops towards the sea.

Schedule in a stop at Panama City during your stay and be surprised by its very pretty cobblestone colonial feel and marvel at the Panama Canal, named one of the seven wonders of the modern world by The American Association of Civil Engineers.

For intrepid explorers – Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina


Straddling the border between southern Brazil and northeast Argentina, the Iguazú Falls are Latin America’s most awe-inspiring natural sight and Journey Latin America can help you visit them in honeymoon-luxe style.

Created by 275 separate falls that form a crashing curtain of falling water, the Iguazú Falls make their way through tangled sub-tropical jungle and over a vast granite amphitheatre protected by national
 park status.

Walkways lead you above, below and even behind the waterfalls but the best view has to be from the air. Let Journey Latin America treat you to a slice of the highlife and fly you over the falls in a helicopter, a honeymoon treat you’ll remember forever.

If you fancy an adventure made for two, Journey Latin America can even schedule daring activities like a nature-packed wildlife safari. 

At the end of the day, you can retreat to the prestigious Hotel Das Cataratas on the Brazilian border. Set directly in front of the falls, this classy hotel is bursting with bygone-era charm.

For history buffs – Easter Island, Chile


Just-married adventurers will love jetting off on a magical mystery tour to uncover the secrets of Easter Island.

Steeped in myth and legend, you’ll be captivated by the ancient culture of this atoll in the Pacific ocean. The imposing Moai, carved stone heads said to represent divine and supernatural power, that majestically litter the landscape are the most well-known tourist sights but there’s so much more to explore. Take a trip to Hanga Roa church to be wowed by the intricate wooden sculptures, watch the sunset at the enchanting Tahai ceremonial complex or dive in the waters off Anakena beach, which is surrounded by coconut trees.

For your stay on Easter Island, Journey Latin America will check you into the explora Rapa Nui. This picturesque lodge has been carefully carved into the landscape and built from local volcanic stone and wood.

Why not combine your trip to Easter Island with a stay in Santiago, Chile’s lively capital? The travel experts at Journey Latin America can show you the sophisticated wine lodges just a stone’s throw from the city and the culture-packed bohemian port of Valparaiso.

For culture vultures – Cuba


If it was opposites-attract when you met your other half, you need a honeymoon destination that has it all to keep you both happy. Cue the Caribbean island of Cuba. From sun-drenched days on sugary white beaches to party nights in cosy city bars, Cuba is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

A treasure trove of places to discover, you’ll be instantly won over by its old-school colonial charm and its unashamed love of life. Hopeless romantics will fall for the nostalgic and evocative capital Havana while the beautiful scenery of tobacco-growing Pinar del Rio will have you reaching for your camera. Culture vultures will relish the historical sights of Santa Clara, the regal splendour that is the city of Trinidad and the vibrant sights of Santiago de Cuba. Luckily the travel experts at Journey Latin America can create a trip to please even the pickiest of pairings so both of you get the honeymoon of your dreams – even if you want to make the most of the museums and all he wants to do is sample the local rum!


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