Wedding and Honeymoon Paradise

Caribbean island Grenada

Caribbean Weddimoon Paradise

Whether you and your groom are dreaming of an idyllic island wedding or an exotic, far-flung honeymoon, Grenada is the picture-postcard Caribbean paradise. All pristine white-sand beaches, gently swaying palm trees and fragrant emerald green mountains, it’s bursting with beautiful, romantic settings for your special day or tropical getaway.


A Picturesque Day, Your Way

From small, cosy gatherings on the beach to grand affairs for large wedding parties, Grenada’s wedding planners have got all our wedding styles covered. Choose a historic fort, waterfall, spice plantation, beach or yacht as the backdrop for a perfect day you’ll always treasure.

The Place and the People

Once you’ve said your ‘I dos’, get out and about and meet a people whose celebratory, colourful lifestyle and unmatched warmth make Grenadians the very spice of the ‘spice isle’; a land that has changed little in decades…

Escape and Relax

If it’s relaxation you’re after, Grenada is a geographical gem; think sinking into the serenity of warm, spice-fragranced sea breezes and soft moonlight. Visit lush tropical rainforests, and leave the city rush far behind you; there are no intrusive modern developments here, where no building is taller than a palm tree.

History Comes to Life

Grenada’s history is vibrant and living; the collective influence of long-gone Amerindian customs and French and English ownership, with African, East Indian, European and Caribbean ancestry. Foodie newlyweds, don’t miss Grenada’s ‘black gold’ – nutmeg – the scent of which lingers on the air and infuses the fabulous food.

Caribbean Cuisine

Nutmeg’s not the only flavour of the month in Grenada: try the freshest of fish, the sun-kissed citrus fruits and the traditionally-produced rum. Discover the spice markets of historic capital St. George’s, with their cloves, cinnamon and – yes – nutmeg, and sample the famous Grenada chocolate; a must for sweet-toothed brides, and best kept in the fridge!

Adventure Seekers

If you and your groom want to scale a mountain before sipping a cocktail, up the adrenaline with a rainforest hike or sail-and-stay yachting adventure, go river tubing or sail across to sister island Carriacou.

Get in Deeper

As if that wasn’t enough to get your pulse racing, why not add a diving trip and investigate more than 50 dive sites around the island. You’ll get up-close-and-personal with tropical fish and manta rays, and marvel at the Underwater Sculpture Park, the 22 wrecks and the pristine reefs that make Grenada the wreck diving capital of the Eastern Caribbean. Experienced divers can even add to their all-time hit-list the Bianca C, the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’.

Where to Stay

Grenada’s boutique and small hotels are nearly all locally-owned and managed, with their own individual flavour, and are some of the highest quality in the Caribbean; just ask all the guests who come back time and time again! Whether it’s a spa hotel, traditional or luxury-chic stay with yoga and relaxation you’re after, Grenada has a hotel to float your boat.

Beach Paradise

Still can’t make up your mind whether Grenada is the paradise for you? Think 40 stunning white-sand beaches that are never crowded, and never more than a few minutes from your hotel…


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