Wedding day style for Kate Middleton

You & Your Wedding's Fashion Director, Peta Hunt blogs her predictions for the royal wedding...

Kate Middleton

TRARRAAA… William and Kate have finally made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for : they’re getting married in Spring or Summer 2011.


Not long to go, so all bets are on as to where… and wear!

I’m guessing St Paul’s, but one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be HUGE! Just the thing to unite the country and cheer us up!

What to wear?????
As for the dress… Well, every bride, no matter how outrageous in her normal clothes, starts off thinking she is going to wear something different. When it comes down to it, with this dress Kate will set the trend for years come. Will she go large? I should think so. (But not in a Jordan and Peter way, PLEASE!!)

Remember when buying a dress, whoever you are, the rule is that you should wear the dress not let the dress wear you. However, not only should it reflect you as a person, it should fit where you are getting married, therefore we must expect a dress that is regal, modest, maybe with sleeves or even a jacket, perhaps a long train, maybe a fantastic crystal-encrusted veil, sparkly tiara, and of course the ultimate in jewellery. How many bridesmaids? Will she have little ones? Let’s hope so.

Will she delight the fashionistas amongst us? Might Kate choose one of Britain’s top designers like Stella McCartney, Christopher Bailey of Burberry, or Vivienne Westwood – who has become an even bigger star since SATC?!

Will she get the divine Bruce Oldfield who designed Queen Rania of Jordan’s dress for her big day, but has not dressed a British Royal yet?

What about Phillipa Lepley? She is a huge success with Kate’s contemporaries.

Sassi Holford has already done Autumn Kelly’s dress – when she married Peter Phillips, the Queen’s grandson – so does that put her out of the running?

Will she rush to Belgravia and pick Stewart Parvin? His romantic, stylish dresses are known at the Palace, as he dresses the Queen.

What about Bellville Sassoon?, a favourite of Princess Diana? They have just re-launched their bridal range and have dressed so many mums and débutantes…

Or will she go abroad for Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang? Over in Paris The House of Worth has just opened its doors again.

What about Hardy Amies or Norman Hartnell? He made the Queen’s dress; this would be the perfect platform for these fashion houses to start up their women’s couture ranges again. They dressed royalty in the past, why not now?

How about trying someone new like David Fielden? He has just opened a shop in Fulham Road; easy to visit!

When budget is no issue, the big problem is that everyone will be judging Kate’s choice, comparisons will be made with Diana, and how difficult will that be? All I know is, this bride-to-be is a really good shape, is very beautiful and her every move will be under the microscope. So if you’re having a stress-filled day finding The One, spare a thought for Kate!


Peta Hunt, Fashion director Y&YW