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Coco Sumner DJs at the Swarovski Party

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16 September 2010.

One of the lovely perks of being fashion assistants at Cosmo Bride and You and Your Wedding magazines is that we get invited to lots of press days: to see new store openings, coo over next season products, and generally get a little bit spoilt and over-excited!

Last night was a bit of a mini-marathon, with three press events to go to. Our first port of call was the opening of Charles Tyrwhitt’s new store on Regent Street, which was grooms’ HEAVEN. There was an amazing selection of suits, ties, shirts – their new slim fit shirt will tick all the boxes for a cooler, laidback look – overcoats, country corduroy and tweed and amazing brogues (the chocolate leather ones were our favourite, while they also had two-tone Twenties-style pairs and lovely casual grey suede ones), as well as some laidback shirts for girls, so we didn’t feel too hard-done-by!

We then hop-skipped up the road to the Swarovski store opening on Oxford Street, which was practically ablaze with glittering crystals both inside and out. Billed as a ‘crystal forest’, cascades of twinkling rocks adorned the walls and ceiling, while Coco Sumner (pictured) DJed and Mary Portas chatted happily away.

But it was the jewellery we came for; and of that there was plenty! Next season’s hot Seventies trend (our insider prediction: #1) was in force with funky disco-ball pendants, hanging chain earrings, super-bling rings and a plethora of ruby red hearts. The perfect party accessories for sure.

Last event of the evening was the 150-year anniversary of Tag Heuer watches, in a moodily-lit, secret underground car park in Selfridges no less! Cue an actor from Spooks driving an expensive sports car through a paper wall…

We came for the watches, we hasten to say, and we saw none of those, but we did see James Caan, Tamara Ecclestone and the whole cast of Hollyoaks. Perfect night for our other halves – they’ll be very jealous!


Alice and Felicity x