Wedding insurance will pay for volcano delays

Good news if you're set to lose out financially on a wedding hit by the volcanic dust cloud

Happy bride

If you’re worried the Icelandic volcano might ruin your wedding plans – good news!


Specialist insurance company Ecclesiastical says that even its standard level of wedding insurance is likely to pay out if the dust cloud threatens your big day plans.

Ecclesiastical’s standard wedding insurance provides cover if either the bride or groom are unable to attend and the wedding needs to be cancelled as a result. For example, if your wedding was due to take place outside the UK over the last few days, and you or the groom were unable to fly out to the venue, wedding insurance would help recover the costs of the planned wedding.

The company also says it will give assistance as necessary to avoid cancelling UK-based weddings. For example, if the bride or groom is stuck outside the UK due to the grounding of flights, it would help with alternative travel arrangements to get you back in time for your wedding and thus avoid cancelling it.

Dave Simms, Personal Lines Manager at Ecclesiastical, says, ‘It is obviously a nerve-racking time for couples due to get married abroad at the moment.

‘If the worst does happen and the the wedding can’t take place, but the couple has bought wedding insurance, their insurers can help them recover the losses so that the big day can take place at a later time.

It’s certainly not ideal, but need not be a financial disaster if insurance has been purchased in the first place. We will certainly do all we can to help our customers who are currently faced with these issues.’

Policies from other insurers will not cover weddings abroad that have been wrecked by the volcanic ash cloud. Check with your insurer to see if your policy is likely to pay out.

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