We’re getting Married on the Royal Wedding Day

How does it feel to be getting married on the same day as Prince Willam and Kate Middleton?

A Hitch in Time

Kate and Wills’ isn’t the only stylish wedding happening on April 29 2011 – but what’s it like to share your dream day with royalty? We caught up with seven nearlywed couples about the highs and lows of tying the knot on a date that will go down in history…


Amy & Chris

The royal we “I’m really pleased, I think sharing our day with the royals will add a real sense of occasion,” Amy says. “I’m not concerned about it taking away from my day at all – there are hundreds of couples who choose the same day to get married, so it’s never going to be something exclusive to just the two of you, and I’m looking forward to all the build up in the media. It’ll also be interesting to hear the speculation on the dress.”

On the day Amy and Chris’s intimate day – with just 24 guests at the ceremony, and a bigger evening party – will be held at a boutique hotel in North Lancashire. The vintage theme will include tea plates from lovemissdaisy.com, run by Amy’s bridesmaid, Laura, plus a cake and cupcakes homemade by Laura’s mum. “I won’t be showing the royal wedding at mine,” says Amy, “but I will be Sky Plus-ing it and watching it the next day! My Mum is really excited too – she predicted that it would land on the same day!”

Adele & Emiliano

The royal we “We must be honest and say we weren’t exactly over the moon when we heard the news, especially it becoming a Bank Holiday, as we knew that probably meant price increases and maybe disruption due to people now not being in work,” Adele admits. “Our wedding will be just as special though, as all our loved ones will be sharing it with us, and I am marrying my best friend.”

On the day Adele and Emiliano have planned a vintage wedding in Wales, where Adele was born. With their cream and gold colour scheme – trimmed with black ribbons and edging – already set, the couple say they probably won’t add a royal touch to their day. “But we will keep it in mind,” Adele says.

Sarah & Ben

The royal we “At first I was really pleased about getting married on the same day as Will and Kate, but now I’m worried about prices for hotels for my guests and the things I still have to book,” Sarah says. “The good things are that we don’t have to take our daughter out of school for the day now, and our teacher friends won’t have to make excuses to get the day off! We’ll have to send our invitations early though, before people start planning to go away because of the long weekend.”

On the day Sarah and Ben will have one more thing to celebrate on their big day at Priston Mill, near Bath: “It’s also Ben’s birthday so we’ll have to incorporate that!” says Sarah. “Our daughter loves princesses, so when we heard about Will and Kate we thought about naming the tables after royal titles. Ben thought it would be good to have a screen up showing the royal wedding as it happens too, but I think that will steal focus!”

Laura & Matt

The royal we “We’re really pleased to be sharing the day,” says Laura. “I think it will make it very exciting and memorable for all – everyone will be in a happy mood, ready to celebrate two weddings! Hopefully the royals will pick an earlier time to have their ceremony so that we can all watch that before the start of ours!”

On the day Laura and Matt will be tying the knot at St. Winifred’s Catholic church, Shepshed, Leicester, followed by a country-garden reception at Beaumanor Hall, Woodhouse Eaves. “We might look at adding some bunting now to incorporate the royal theme!” Laura says.

Jodie & Andy

The royal we “We only booked the wedding venue last month and have been trying to get a reception venue, so I am worried now the prices will increase,” Jodie says. “We had booked this date because it was early in the year and we were hoping to get a deal on the reception side. I don’t think it will take the focus away from our day though, as I would hope all our friends will find ours more important!”

On the day Jodie and Andy chose Highcliffe Castle, Dorset for their beach and natural-woodland themed day, because of its expansive sea views, but also for personal reasons: Jodie lost her father in a motorbike accident when she was 20, and it was a place he loved and used to play as a child. “It makes me feel like he will be there in some way,” she says.

For the royal touch, the couple – who own milkshake company Shaken Udder – will be creating a special commemorative, wedding-cake flavoured milkshake. “We’ll give it to our guests as favours,” Jodie says, “and hopefully get it on our shelves too!”

Marissa & Dave

The royal we “When we first heard the news we were really excited, then after it sank in we were more shocked,” says Marissa. “It hasn’t affected our day though – it will still be special for us. Luckily we have planned well in advance so we won’t be worrying about costs rising. And at least now we can stop worrying about some of our guests not getting time off work!”

On the day Marissa and Dave won’t be adding royal flourishes to their wedding at Lismoyne Hotel, Fleet. “Our theme is ‘hearts and romance’,” Marissa explains, “and we’re going with a colour scheme of dusky pink and green.”

Carla & Ben

The royal we “It will be great to look back on our wedding and know we shared it with such a historic day. You never know, we may even get a telegram or an invite to a garden party!” Carla says. “We are worried that guests may struggle to get cheap accommodation though, or that plans may fall through. But not even a real princess will stop me being one on my big day!”

On the day Carla and Ben will become Mr and Mrs in scenic Bath – saying ‘I do’ at the Assembly Rooms, before a brown and cream, nature-themed reception (Woodland will be Carla’s new surname) at the Old Mill Hotel. “We’ll keep our theme, but we might get guests to wave a British flag or two,” Carla says. “Ben has even threatened to mention it in his speech!”


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