Would you Wear a Wedding Dress on a First Date?

One vlogger took men by surprise, rocking up on blind dates in something a little too formal for the occasion

Think back to your first date with your partner; maybe you dressed to impress in your finest going out gear, or opted for the ever classy jeans and a nice top. Chances are, you didn’t turn up in a wedding dress. 


Vlogger Laura Bubble did just that, arriving at several blind dates in a flowing white dress, traditional veil and floral bouquet. As you can imagine, she got some pretty strong reactions from the unsuspecting men.

Courtesy of youtube.com/laurbubble

Laura filmed her antics as a prank video for her YouTube channel, with the video designed to raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer, and we couldn’t help but giggle as we watched her dates squirm when they spotted her bridal attire.

Kudos to them, some of the guys acted as thought nothing was wrong, avoiding mentioning her unusual outfit, but the funniest reactions came from the man who denied being there for a blind date, the one who skedaddled when Laura left to grab a drink or the one who saw her and immediately turned on his heel and left. 

Courtesy of youtube.com/laurbubble

When one of her dates queried her choice of ensemble, Laura turned the comment back on him, saying “I could say it’s a bit weird to turn up to a date in a raincoat!”


 It wasn’t all doom and gloom though; Laura did secure a second date with one of her prankees, while another chap took her to the cinema, gown and all, right then and there – seems like a keeper to us!