Aldi Is Launching A Three-Litre Bottle Of Prosecco and you Need it at your Wedding

It's time to start queuing at our fave budget supermarket...

If you’re looking for ways to make your wedding budget go further and save money on your big day, we may have the answer.


This winter, Aldi is launching a three-litre bottle of prosecco – the equivalent of 24 glasses! That’s a lot more than the number of glasses of champagne you get from a standard bottle!

The mega-big bottle is approximately four times the size of the standard bottle of wine and will cost just £39.99.

For just £39.99, we’ll be stocking up!

The average number of guests at a wedding this year is 79, so you’ll only need four bottles to serve all of your guests one glass – with 17 glasses left over – bargain!

The prosecco goes on sale on November 1st – just in time for your winter wedding. We’ll be counting down the days until then!

If you want to jazz up your prosecco, check out this little treasure that turns your drinks rose gold.


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