All the Insider Info That Will Make You Feel Like You Were a Guest at Pippa Middleton’s Wedding

We’ve got all the insider info that will make you feel as though you had a place on the guest list...

It’s the wedding everyone has been talking about – Pippa Middleton, younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, married James Matthews, older brother of Made in Chelsea lothario Spencer Matthews, on Saturday 20th May. 

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews | Rex/Shutterstock

Pippa Followed Tradition with Something Old

The bride had her diamond earrings as her ‘something old’ – the pear-cut diamond drop sparklers from Robinson Pelham were the same earrings she wore to her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William in 2011.

They were a gift to Pippa from her parents – it’s rumoured the same jeweller made her Asccher-cut diamond engagement ring.

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She Opted for a British Dress Designer

Everyone was eager to see what gown Pippa would opt for – the sensation her bridesmaid dress caused at the royal wedding set the bar pretty high for the bride.

She followed her sister’s lead and went for a British designer with an edgy style; Kate chose Alexander McQueen, whilst Pippa opted for a Giles Deacon creation. Deacon was a classmate of McQueen’s at Central Saint Martins, don’t you know.

She Was Inspired by One of the Most Iconic Brides of All-Time

Carrie Bradshaw started a trend for brides everywhere when she wore Manolos for her highly-anticipated wedding to Mr Big in the first Sex and the City movie, and Pippa was not immune to SJP’s sartorial influences. She wore a pair of white satin Manolos for her big day.

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There Was No Promise to ‘Obey’

Pippa followed in the footsteps of Kate when it came to her wedding vows and chose to eschew the old-fashioned promise to ‘obey’ her future husband, instead reciting more modern vows that leave that line out.

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Kate Stayed Out of the Limelight

Despite pictures of Kate outside the church with her children and the rest of the flower girls and page boys ahead of the ceremony, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly opted out of being in Pippa’s bridal party to avoid drawing too much attention to herself.

She was on-hand to keep the young ones in order though (including scolding Prince George for misbehaving), and on dress-primping duties before Pippa’s big entrance. The future Queen also apparently performed a reading as part of the ceremony.

Pippa Now Has a Royal Title of Her Own

You know how it is, when your sister has something, you kind of want it too… Whilst Pippa’s title isn’t quite as fancy as Kate’s, you can’t turn your nose up at any kind of title!

By marrying James Matthews, Pippa has gained the title Mrs Matthews of Glen Affric, and will become Lady Glen Affric when her husband inherits his father’s title of Laird of Glen Affric.

The Newlyweds Left the Church in Style

 Remember how touching it was when a beaming Prince Wills drove his new wife down Pall Mall in a vintage sports car? Pippa and James had a similar moment – James drove his bride away in a Jaguar E-Type sports car. According to Pippa’s uncle Gary, the one they drove off in was super rare as it was the first one ever made.

The Best Man Was Not a Reality TV Star

James’s younger brother Spencer Matthews, who found fame on reality TV show Made in Chelsea, was not the best man. Instead, the mantle fell to Justin Johannson.

He reportedly made a rather awkward speech with several close-to-the-bone jokes that left some of the guests squirming in their seats. He relied on the old favourite about heading to Bangor for two weeks – which just goes to show, even the fanciest of weddings can still have terrible jokes. 

Spencer Still Had His Moment Though

We loved looking at the beam on his face as he flitted around outside. He reported read an extract from ‘The Alchemist’ during the ceremony and gave a speech at the reception which prompted a Beatles sing-along with all the guests.

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There Was an Aerial Display

The guests were treated to an aerial display as a Supermarine Spitfire flew over the reception venue – which was the grounds of Pippa’s parents’ home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. The guests huddled under a marquee to watch the acrobatic performance from the British single-seater fighter plane, which was used in WWII. 

The Day Was Password Protected 

As guests departed the ceremony and were driven to the reception, they stopped via Bucklebury Village Hall, where they dropped off their cars and had photo IDs checked. Each guest was given an individual password to grant them entry to the reception, and men were offered fresh shirts to change into if needed.

There Was a Strict Seating Plan

Much was made of Pippa’s ‘no ring, no bring’ rule, which saw Spencer’s girlfriend, model Vogue Williams, left off the guest list, and Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle confined to the evening reception, as well as her change of attire rule for guests.

However, reportedly it didn’t end there – there was a strict seating plan which dictated that couples could not sit together. We wonder what Harry made of that!

It Sounded Like a Wild Party

There was a band, a DJ and saxophonist duo, a ping pong tournament featuring Roger Federer and a party that went on until 4am. The groom allegedly performed a choreographed interpretative dance in place of a first dance, and did star jumps for the guests – but we’re not sure how much we believe that… 


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