Ant McPartlin’s wife, Lisa Armstrong, Expertly Explains why she kept her own Surname

Lisa shot down a sexist question in one swoop

It’s a debate we often hear here at You & Your Wedding – are you changing your surname when you get married?


Some brides believe changing their name is an archaic, misogynistic, tradition, while others think nothing of it – it’s just the done thing!

Ant McPartlin’s wife Lisa is of the former belief, and kept her maiden surname Armstrong.

While her husband certainly has a rather recognisable name, Lisa herself is very successful in her own right as writer and a professional make-up artist on TV shows including This Morning and Strictly Come Dancing, so it was a no-brainer to keep her own name.


This week, a troll took to Twitter to ask Ant about her choice, writing: “Why doesn’t your wife have your surname? I thought when a person gets married the wife takes on the husband’s surname.”

Lisa sassily clapped back saying “It’s called being a woman with your own career, David.”

Go girl!

Will you betaking your husband’s, or sticking with your maiden name?


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