Asda’s jumped on the wedding bandwagon in the weirdest way

We’re no stranger to high street brands releasing wedding ranges; Sainsbury’s’ wedding collection got us all excited last month, and nobody does a bridal collection better than Primark, and now Asda has jumped on the wedding bandwagon, with its own wedding collection.


Except, it’s a little bit different. Rather than stationery and decor, Asda has released a “perfect for proposals” avocado. Yes… you read that right.

50p each, available in Asda’s Clapham branch

The shop noticed a trend for people proposing with a ring in an avocado, rather than a traditional ring box, so has worked out what makes an avocado perfect for proposing with, and unleashed it on the masses.

Adrian Kurzynski ,Asda Clapham’s Avocado Expert explains: “We want to help ready-to-propose customers find the perfect avocado to make loved ones say, ‘I avocaDO’. Whilst all our avocados are of a high quality and perfect for smashing on toast, it takes a keen eye to identify those that  make the proposal process that much easier for those following the trend.”

“From a soft, yet firm avocado to keep the ring in place, to a perfect pear-shape that allows for symmetrical slicing, our ‘Perfect for Proposal’ sticker system will help the increasing number of avocado proposals go as smoothly as the flesh of the fruit they’re holding.”


If it wasn’t February, we’d be certain this was an April Fool’s joke…