Bridal Buddy: The new toilet assistant that every bride needs?

Let's face it, after all that champagne you're going to need more than a few toilet breaks throughout your wedding day. But how will you avoid getting any bathroom grime on your beautiful dress?

With wedding dresses to consider, flowers and décor to choose from and a delicious wedding breakfast to plan, the less glam aspects of your day may be (quite understandably) far from your mind.


Despite the desire to focus on the pretty details, it’s important to turn your attention to certain, ahem, practicalities. Specifically, the practicality of wearing a large or difficult to manoeuvre wedding dress.

Yes, we’re going there and we’re inviting you to go there too. While you will be a beautiful bride and your dress will be 100% worth any extra hassle relating to simple movements, it is worth considering w-day toilet trips. There, we said it.

Perhaps you’ve already considered it or roped a bridesmaid in to be your toilet, holding-onto-the-dress buddy. But if you haven’t and are wearing a particularly voluminous dress, trust us, it’s worth coming up with a plan of action now.

When nerves take hold, many of us can find ourselves visiting the toilet more often than usual and, particularly on your wedding morning, you’re likely to feel the jitters setting in. Luckily, one company has given this particular bridal conundrum some serious thought and come up with a brand new (well-hidden) wedding dress accessory, that just might save the day.

Allow us to introduce, The Bridal Buddy. The bizarre creation sits underneath your dress like a petticoat and allows you to scoop up your dress (saving it from any unfortunate dipping incidents) and then release your arms through handy holes so that you can, erm, go about your business with absolute freedom.

If you’re still feeling a little baffled (we totally wouldn’t blame you if you are) then scroll down and watch the exclusive video to see it in action.


Big dress or not, what do you think? Great idea or just a little bit bonkers? We’re still deciding to be honest…