Caroline Flack SLEPT THROUGH her BFF’s Wedding

We’ve heard of bad guest behaviour, but never of this before

We love hearing about how celeb’s behave at weddings! From Michelle Keegan wearing white, to Victoria and David Beckham having a boogy, it’s so interesting to get a glimpse of their wacky wedding antics.


And while wearing white is one of the worst guest faux pas out there, Love Island presenter Caroline Flack did something even worse. She SLEPT through her friend Natalie Pinkham’s wedding.


Speaking on Loose Women she said: “I went abroad for a wedding, for my friend Natalie Pinkham, and I was doing X Factor so I’d been working over and over and over.

“I got to Portugal, put my bags down in my hotel room, thought, ‘I’ll just close my eyes for two seconds’ and I slept through it!

“I think I got up at about three in the morning and went downstairs to see if it was still going and there were just the stragglers.”

With such terrible guest behaviour, Caroline needed to pull out all the stops to make it up to her pal. What did she do? She extended her trip in order to hang out with the bride on her honeymoon.


We have to say, if our friend missed our wedding, and then crashed the honeymoon, we’re not sure how happy we’d be to see her on the sun lounger next to us…