Charlotte Balbier’s wedding diary: bridal beauty for the best possible you

Bridal designer Charlotte Balbier shares some tips for brides choosing their beauty look for the big day


If I was a lady of leisure who had endless time on her hands there is no doubt in my mind I would spend most of my time in a beauty salon as I just love to be pampered. Sadly, with my crazy work schedule, spa days are an annual treat but I do always make time for regular facials and would never leave the house without perfectly manicured nails. Given the attention I usually pay to how I look on a day-to-day basis, it’s safe to say I’m starting to think about my hair and make-up for my wedding!


Following up my earlier blog post on diet and well-being, I continued my delivery diet by sticking to the general rule of 80/20; 80% of the time being healthy, and for the other 20%, allowing a few naughty treats, which usually takes the form of a few drinks with the girls for me. I really don’t believe you should deny yourself anything – just a little bit of what you fancy now and again – and I’m delighted to say this motto is paying off for me, as I’ve lost a stone and I feel great!
With my weight loss on track, it’s time to think about my hair and beauty on the actual day. Not only do I want to look radiant and glamorous when I say ‘I do’, but I’ve also got to meet the beauty demands of eight bridesmaids, two flowergirls and my mum and aunt. It’s no understatement to say I’ll need a full team on hand! The only thing to do was call in some amazing experts who I’ve worked with in the past, so I have six very talented and creative make-up artists and hair stylists lined up to make me and the rest of the wedding party look our very best on the day.

It might not be for everyone, but I think it’s super important to have a professional step in to do a bride’s make-up on her wedding day while she sits back and relaxes. If your budget doesn’t stretch to treating the entire wedding party, just get one for yourself – you’re only a bride once after all. To know I’ve got a few beauty mood boards on the go will come as no surprise (you know how much I love a mood board!) but it’s definitely worth pulling together some specific ideas and examples before you meet up with your make-up artist and hair stylist for a trial, so both you and they know the look you’re going for on the day.


One of the best pieces of wedding advice I’ve been given is to make sure you look like you on your wedding day – the most polished version, of course! If you let the professionals have too much control, or attempt to try new trends you’ve never dipped into before, you’ll not only feel out of your comfort zone but it’ll be a bit of a shock for your new husband too! This is what I’m keeping in mind when trialling ideas for my wedding day beauty look. My ‘look’ is smoky eyes, minimal lips, rouge cheeks, red nails and tousled hair, so I want to stick close to these elements but look better than I usually do. I’m sure with the super talented Sarah Brock in charge, my make-up will be flawless. I’ve worked with her before and she’s an absolute genius with a make-up brush. My hair, however, doesn’t fill me with such confidence. It’s a little on the fine side which often means I can’t always pull off voluminous, glamorous looks, but I’ve been assured by hair guru Nicola that she can make even my hair look fabulous. It’s all so exciting!
My wedding day beauty team have been passing on so many fantastic hints and tips that it’s only fair I share a few with you. The three that I’ve really taken on board are:
“Be honest when you’re having your hair trial. If you’re not sure then speak up now (or forever hold your peace!), as it’s better to play around with different styles and settle on something perfect now than on the wedding morning. This could be your one chance to make your feelings known, so do it.” Claire from Harry Jon
“Primer is a must for brides, as it softens fine lines, fills enlarged pores and depending on your skin type, hydrates or controls oils. It provides a smooth surface for your foundation to lie on and ensures it stays put all day.” Catherine from Ivy Clara

“There are lots of products that promise radiance but drinking lots of water in the lead up to your wedding day really is the key to plump, perfect skin. Drinking two litres every day (that’s roughly four big glasses) will help your skin look clearer and glowing, plus it will feel hydrated.” Zoey Clarkson

I think I’m pretty much on track for looking and feeling fab on the big day, don’t you? Here’s to staying motivated to keep it up after the wedding is over too!

Until next time.


Much Love,
Charlotte x