Charlotte Balbier’s wedding diary: food, glorious, wedding food

No-one's got the wedding munchies quite like bride-to-be Charlotte


I think it’s pretty fair to say that my biggest love in life is food, from dining out at fabulous restaurants to cooking up dinner-party recipes at home with Teddy, I just love the social side that comes with it. I will eat anything and everything and I love to try new things – I sometimes wish I was a bit more fussy as it might help in my battle to keep an eye on my waistline!


I knew when it came to planning the wedding breakfast I’d find it quite easy to choose the food, but Teddy is a fussy eater to say the least, so I knew we were probably going to have to compromise… well that’s what being married is all about… right?!

With the venue booked it was time to look into the caters and turn our attentions to the food. What kind of set-up did we want for the wedding? Did we want a relaxed and informal dining experience like sharing plates and tapas or should we stick with tradition and have a three-course sit-down meal? With an engagement party (and several collections launches) behind me, it was good to be able to use my own experience to decide what worked and what didn’t.

Last year’s launch party for my 2013 collection was a great starting point as it was very much like a wedding, except there were a lot of wedding dresses instead of just the one! Guests were treated to canapés on arrival, a relaxed meal with sharing platters and a delicious dessert table to finish. The food was so good and guests loved the informal way we served it, but I did come across a few hiccups. With no servers on hand to guide the guests in portion control, the dessert table turned into a bit of a bun fight (no pun intended!) and although we over-catered by 50 guests and were worried we’d be left with cakes galore, what actually happened was quite the opposite. The initially overflowing dessert table was left with just crumbs within minutes as guests took not one or two individual desserts but platefuls, so those who went up last actually missed out. I learnt a very valuable lesson that day that having servers on hand to guide your guests is a must to avoid these kind of situations.


My love for relaxed dining and sharing platters is still as strong as ever though, so I asked Phil at Iscoyd if he could make a suggestion and  he delivered, and our plan is to have an extended champagne reception, during which we’ll serve lots of different and delicious canapés to our guests while they are enjoying a glass or two (or three!) of champagne and listening to our band. Then our wedding breakfast will consist of a small amuse-bouche to start (as the canapés will act as a starter) then a formal main course chosen by Teddy, and a heavily-laden dessert table to finish! Serving staff, a must. 

Now I just can’t wait for September when we get to try all of our choices at our food tasting, which I already know will be one of the best parts of planning a wedding for me. Five weeks and counting! 


Until next time,
Much love,
Charlotte x