Charlotte Balbier’s wedding diary: perfect pictures

This week Charlotte spills the beans on her search for a photographer to capture the memorable moments of her big day

Bride and groom posing time as captured by Polly Alexandre

After 15 years in the bridal fashion industry, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s best fashion photographers. So you’d think it would be a doddle to pick a wedding photographer now I’m a bride-to-be myself, right? But, like every other newly engaged couple, Teddy and I soon discovered just how difficult this decision can be.


The one thing I did know was that I wanted our day to be captured in a documentary/reportage style with just a few styled shots. I wanted the photography to be relaxed, fun and enjoyable – just the way I imagined our big day will be. I love soft pastel shades and vintage-style grainy black and white images, so I know that the right lighting is paramount. After doing some research, and chatting with friends who are fashion photographers, I knew I needed someone who specialised in shooting on film and not digital to capture this sort of result.

I’d heard of a great photographer called Polly Alexandre (alexandreweddings.com) and, after a little research, I got some amazing feedback on her work. I loved not only her background and her own personal story, but her care and attention to detail and how she seems to create a very special record of the big day. I just knew that Polly had to shoot our wedding.

One of Polly’s beautiful bridal shots

Polly has been an amazing help and has been honest from the start about what to expect, from big day timings through to lighting and positioning. I think it’s so important that you find a photographer who understands what you want as a couple and is willing to work with you to create something utterly beautiful. The stylish interior of our venue, Iscoyd Park, has really captured our imaginations and Polly is certain it is  the perfect backdrop for beautiful portraiture.  

“I loved that Charlotte trusted me from the outset and knew what I offered was exactly what she was looking for,” says Polly. “I can’t wait to create a stylish record of her wedding as not only do I love working for other creative people, but Charlotte’s glamorous, romantic style is a great fit with my style of photography!” And with all the snow around this week, I can’t help but get excited at the thought of beautiful winter sunshine and snow as the setting for some magical wedding images. Polly was on exactly my wavelength. “If it snows, I’m sure you’ll enjoy designing a little something to keep you warm for a stroll with Teddy in the beautiful gardens,” she told me.

So with the most talented photographer in the diary and a thousand other thoughts rolling through my mind, the countdown officially begins. 11 months to go, Teddy – EEEK!!

Until next time…


Charlotte xx