Charlotte Balbier’s wedding diary: unleashing the underwear debate

Your hunt for the perfect wedding day lingerie is two-fold, explains bridal designer Charlotte


Second to the perfect dress is the perfect wedding lingerie and I know from speaking to my brides that finding the right underwear is something every one of us worries about. Why spend so much time, effort and money finding a fabulous dress to then ruin the look with ill-fitting or mismatched underwear? And then there’s the wedding night lingerie, which comes into play much later in the day but is still super important to most women.
Over the years I’ve been keeping a mental note of what styles of lingerie work with each of my dresses so I can advise brides on what they should choose dependent on their dress. Unfortunately, it’s not a one style fits all scenario, although this would make life much easier! A good time to start thinking about your bridal underwear is before you even start trying on gowns, to try to make that process a little less stressful. Many brides-to-be don’t take undies into account at this early stage and come to their first dress fitting wearing black or floral pants and bras with big straps – not great for seeing a strapless ivory gown at its best! A nude bra and knickers set in a smooth fabric and a good fit is my top tip for all of your bridal appointments.
Once you have found The One, ask the expert. Chat with your bridal consultant in their boutique to gauge their recommendations of what underwear works well with your gown. They’ll not only have notes on what previous brides have worn but also local bridal lingerie boutiques that stock the right styles. Armed with this information, it’s now time to start your search.


The day is all about finding the right underwear to make the most of your assets while providing support for those problem areas. Do you need to streamline your stomach? Bum? Boobs? And keep in mind any details on your dress that might affect your lingerie choice. Does it have straps? A deep V neckline? A low back? My secret underwear tip is the body shaping slip. These little figure-hugging inventions help you instantly drop a dress size and smooth over all your lady lumps, and I admit I now wear one most days under floaty dresses. You can pick them up really easily on the high street and they come in all colours, styles and fabrics. For me, the smooth nude style that sits under my bust is perfect as it allows me to streamline but still wear a sturdy bra, and it’s a dead cert that I’ll be rocking one under my wedding dress. I must give a little mention to the amazing multiway collection by Ultimo as I know so many of my brides who swear by these bras. The range seems to do exactly what it says on the tin and can be worn in a multitude of ways which makes it perfect for bridal gowns.


Now, onto the pretty part of what to wear for your wedding night. I have fallen totally and utterly in love with Ell & Cee – their bridal collection is utterly divine. It’s full of flirty feminine pieces in the softest silks and chiffons and offers something a little sexier and prettier than a lot of other ranges out there. I’m loving the cute and fun personalised silk knickers, I’ve just got to have a pair of these! Also on my wish list is one of their gorgeous robes – a pretty robe is a must for when you’re getting ready in the morning and is also a lovely keepsake to have after the big day.
Finally, every bride needs to have a garter and I have come across a really pretty collection handmade in the UK by Pompadour Garters. As a cute touch, they can add a little hint of blue to your garter to make it your ‘something blue’ too… it’s tradition after all!
Until Next Time,
Much Love,
Charlotte xx