George Clooney’s wedding planning problems

The Hollywood actor is just like any other groom, don't you know?

Photo | Rex Features

Has your better half lost interest in talking about stationery and table places? You might take solace in the fact that even the dreamy George Clooney got fed up with wedding planning!


The Hollywood actor apparently told a competition winner who he was having lunch in Edinburgh this week, that he was very involved in planning his wedding to wife Amal, but that it all got too much in the end.

The tipping point? Napkins.

The winner, Heather McGowan, who herself is a wedding planner, told Newsbeat, “It seems he had a load of involvement which is really refreshing because so many guys just hand it off to the bride and have no interest whatsoever.

“He did say after he had spoken for about eight hours about different elements of the wedding that when they came out with ‘What kind of napkin ring do you want?’ he called it quits and said, ‘It’s time that you leave, we’ve had enough.'”

Celebs’ weddings are always so perfect and glamourous, it’s always nice to see them talk about the not-so-glamourous side of things, much like Angelina Jolie did last week.


Don’t worry George, we’re sure those napkin rings turned out fabulous in the end.