Holly Willoughby will be wearing her wedding dress to watch the Royal Wedding

The TV presenter’s real wedding plan has got us thinking about doing the same

We’re used to seeing Holly Willoughby dressed in stylish yet laidback outfits every day on telly, but she plans on wearing something a little more special when she watches the royal wedding this weekend.


Holly revealed that Harry and Meghan’s big day coincides with her sister’s 40th birthday, so the whole day will be a celebratory affair, made extra special because she’ll be wearing her wedding dress…

Image courtesy of ITV

“This week on the family Whatsapp group that we all have, my sister Kelly said, ”I’ve got an amazing idea – for anyone that’s been married go and get your wedding dress and wear it to the party.”

Holly revealed that it took a lot of work to get her wedding dress (worn in 2007) into a condition in which she could wear it.

“I dug it out – I took it into This Morning to the big steamer as I haven’t got one of those. It is filthy! I haven’t had it dried cleaned. It’s a bit ripped. I will look a bit like Miss Havisham.”


If you don;t fancy getting dressed up in your wedding gown to watch the occasion, why not get comfy in royal wedding themed pyjamas?