If We Were Wills & Kate

Three couples tying the knot on 29 April imagine what they could have done if they were the Prince and Princess...

It Should Have Been Us!


With that royal wedding well on the way, we asked three couples who share the 29 April wedding date – Gemma and Shane, Tracey and Jason, and Diana and Kev – to imagine they were Prince William and Catherine Middleton, and tell us what they would have done with all that royal family, royal powers and, of course, royal coffers…


The Famous Friends on our Guest List Would Be…


Gemma and Shane National treasures that have put the ‘great’ into Great Britain: members of the armed forces, patriotic people from entertainment, business, sport and politics, and community-based people who are known in their local area for their charity work. It would be our way of saying ‘thank you’ for contributing to our country.

Tracey and Jason Russell Howard, because he would entertain the guests and make us all laugh, and Robbie Williams, because he’s funny and entertaining too, and would have all our guests up and singing!

Diana and Kev Take That, because they could provide the entertainment!

My Wedding Dress Would Be…


Gemma Designed to be in-keeping with the theme of the day: vintage with a modern twist.

Tracey Simple and elegant.

Diana Exactly what I have chosen for my Big day – I love it!

Image courtesy of Vera Wang at New York Bridal Week.

We’d Leave Westminster Abbey in a(n)…


Gemma and Shane Open horse-drawn carriage, so the public could see us on our route to Buckingham Palace. If we had April showers, we’d travel in the official royal fleet – but we’d will still travel in style, guaranteed!

Tracey and Jason Tank! (Jason just got back from a tour of Afghanistan.)

Diana and Kev Helicopter, to avoid the traffic!

The Reception Style at Buckingham Palace Would Be…


Gemma and Shane Vintage with a modern twist. This would hopefully appeal to the masses and cater to all tastes. The colours would have to be red, white and blue, but in a tasteful and subtle way.

Tracey and Jason The same as ours: baby pink and ivory with a splash of military…

Diana and Kev Like a fairground – rides, candyfloss, ice cream vans – the whole works!

The Royal Family Member Who Would Make a Speech Would Be…


Gemma and Shane Prince Harry. He stands for everything that is important in the modern royal family: high moral standing, but with the ability to enjoy himself when the situation arises. We’d hope he’d blend sincerity with humour – and not let too many royal secrets out!

Tracey and Jason Prince Harry: he’s down-to-earth and funny – and he knows how to party!

Diana and Kev Prince Harry, because I think he’d be the most interesting and would be an attraction for the female guests!

As Our Reception Entertainment, We’d Hire…


Gemma and Shane It may have been appropriate to hire artists such as a Queen tribute band, Prince or even Kings of Leon, but we would opt for a small orchestra to set the mood, and street entertainers to bring a little fun to the proceedings.

Tracey and Jason Justin Bieber for the little ones, and because the girls would love him; Bon Jovi for his music – he’s amazing; and Tom Jones to entertain and get the older ones swooning!

Diana and Kev A private jet, and fly everyone out to the British Virgin Islands to continue the party!

The Snack We’d Make Into a Wedding Cake Would Be…


Gemma and Shane Something made from Cadbury’s chocolate. Perhaps a triple-layered chocolate cake with a Jaffa Cake, caramel and milk chocolate theme. And a banoffee cheesecake for afternoon tea! (The diet can start on Monday 2 May!)

Tracey and Jason We’d have a Royal Desmond Sara Lee chocolate cheesecake!

Diana and Kev Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream – yum!

If Money Was No Object, We’d…


Gemma and Shane Give everyone who attends a commemorative momento, like a coin, along with a photograph album after the day, with snaps of everyone who attended.

Tracey and Jason Have all of Jason’s friends who are serving in Afghanistan there. And we’d be able to afford a honeymoon.

Diana and Kev Take a year-long honeymoon to travel the world.


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