Is Kate Moss Married?

Rumour has it Kate Moss wed Jamie Hince this summer

Supermodel wedding style

Who’d have thunk: wildchild Kate Moss might finally have denounced her unruly ways and settled down; albeit with a far-from-vanilla beau: The Kills’ guitar-toting rocker Jamie Hince.


The Mirror got all excited this morning and reported that a source had spilled the beans on the superstar couple’s Sicilian nuptials, which apparently happened on 7 August 2010.

“It was quiet, but still very romantic,” their mystery tattletale squawked. “The plans were kept very quiet as Kate wanted the day to be low-key and purely a celebration of their love.

“She’s never been one for convention or tradition, but Jamie’s been there for her through thick and thin, and she simply felt the time was right.

“They planned the day for weeks and were so excited. Kate didn’t want a stuffy, formal do, but something spiritual.”

Their reportedly church wedding ceremony sounds far from formal: Kate apparently kept the make-up light and went barefoot in a see-through dress (what’s not to like?), marrying in front of close friends and family, with Kate’s daughter Lila Grace as one of a triplet of cutie ring bearers.

It was business as usual afterwards though, as the pair apparently hit the dancefloor within minutes: grooving outside the church under the trees with local passersby.


To the Sicilian legends who managed to keep rocking-out with Kate Moss and Jamie Hince in the street a secret for two months: we salute you. We’d have been straight on the phone to our maids.