James Argent and Adam Woodyatt were Guest Goals at Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa’s Wedding

James Argent and Adam Woodyatt met at a wedding, and we cannot imagine the fun they got up to

As soon as TOWIE’s Dan Osborne and Eastenders actress Jacqueline Jossa got engaged, we knew their wedding would be a TV fan’s heaven, with the cast of our fave soap and members of the TOWIE lot in attendance, but we couldn’t have dreamed what a magical meeting would take place. 

Image | Instagram.com/real_arg

As the longest standing TOWIE cast member, Arg is often referred to as the Ian Beale of the show, so we bet he couldn’t believe his luck when he ran into real life Ian Beale actor, Adam Woodyatt at Dan and Jacqueline’s wedding.

And wouldn’t we all grab a snap with the legend himself? Just look at that pout!

Image | Instagram.com/jacjossa

Moving on from that genius party pairing, Jac and Dan appear to be loving married life. Jacqueline upload this snap to Instagram, writing: “I was walking around my favourite town in Spain, a place I grew up going to every year, and I looked back and has a moment this is my husband!! The best dad in the world, I mean just look at him, I had to take a picture! ❤️I love my family so much.”


Aww – here’s to many happy years together! And fingers crossed for a forever friendship with Arg and Adam!