Kirsten Dunst Reveals she’s just like us when it comes to Wedding Planning

Kirsten Dunst has been getting Pinterest happy when it comes to wedding planning

Ever since we saw Bring It On we’ve loved Kirsten Dunst (and dreamed of being a cheerleader), and it turns out she’s a little bit more like us that we thought.


Since planning her wedding to Jesse Plemons, Kirsten revealed she’s become a bit of a Pinterest addict. Haven’t we all?


“I never thought I was that person who’d have a Pinterest board. I like doing all of that pinning things,’ she admits.

And it hasn’t been one sided, Jesse has been getting involved too.

“It’s really fun, and because we create it together from the beginning, it’s a really nice thing to do together. It’s going to be so personal and fun. We’re having a really good time,” she shares.

Kirsten also revealed who will be designing her dress – the super-classy Rodarte. No surprise since she just worked on a film, directed by the two designers from the brand. 


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