Our Favourite Stranger Things Character is Going to Conduct One Super Fan’s Marriage

We’d brave the upside down to have him at our wedding

We love stories where celebrities attend the wedding of super fans; our favourite so far is the one about the woman who tweeted Craig David every day until he agreed to perform at her wedding.


Another one has come to our attention today though, and it couldn’t be more relevant if it tried.

We were completely hooked on Stranger Things last year, and everyone’s favourite police man Hopper, played by David Harbour, has agreed to be the officiant at one fan’s wedding… providing they promise a few things.

The fan, Ericka Elizabth, tweeted the following, asking how she could get the actor to be the officiant at her wedding…

David replied with his list of demands, and is evidently a man after our own hearts…


We’re keeping our fingers crossed she gets her wish!

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