Over a third of British couples share their engagement on social media BEFORE telling their family

It’s certainly not new information that we’re a nation hooked on social media, but we were so shocked to learn that over a third of British couples (34%) use social media to break their proposal news before telling family! Our mums would never forgive us!

Image | Instagram.com/goldalamode

Engaged couples were surveyed by Ernest Jones, and the study revealed the huge role social media plays in modern proposals.

It’s clear people love to share their good news immediately, with one in five (20%) people surveyed saying they changed their Facebook status to ‘engaged’ within 48 hours of the proposal.

No surprises that 18-24-year-olds are the quickest to announce, with a quarter (25%) saying they updated their social channels within two hours.

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Nearly a quarter (24%) say they prepped to capture the moment their partner got down on one knee.

One in 10 said they had their hair and makeup done, one in 10 had their nails done, and one in 20 paid for an engagement ring shoot.

UK couples have high expectations on the number of ‘likes’ they receive, with couples expecting around 157 likes on their posts, on average.

Photographs or a status were the most popular ways for people to share their engagement news on social channels. However, one in 10 go as far as creating a video to share their special moment.


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