Revealed! Wedding secrets of the rich and famous

You & Your Wedding editor Maxine Briggs talked billionaire weddings on the new Sky Living series "Who'd Be a Billionaire?". Which five-star touches are you dying to try?


From lush floral backdrops to rehearsal dinners hosted at Versailles (hello, Kim and Kanye!), we expect to be shocked and awed by the extravagant flourishes on display at celebrity nuptials. But what do weddings look like for the world’s super-elite billionaires, when money is truly no object? You & Your Wedding editor Maxine Briggs was asked to discuss just that on the new Sky Living series “Who’d Be a Billionaire?” this week, in an episode dedicated to love and marriage among high net worth individuals. Here are just a few of the luxer-than-luxe elements she’s seen taking hold at the top:


1. Death-defying locations: Think flying guests by private jet to the tops of volcanos or onto glaciers to watch you say your vows.

2. Elaborate production: One couple had a Perspex layer installed over a lake so guests could literally walk on water.

3. Animal attraction: How about a troupe of horses dressed up as unicorns? Or hire in some elephants, penguins or flamingoes…

4. Extended parties: Wedding day? Try wedding week, with several days of feasting and events for your nearest and dearest.

5. Celebrity performers: How much would you pay to have Beyonce or Michael Buble perform for 20 minutes at your reception?

6. Sky-high fashion tabs: Bespoke gowns for one bride and her bridesmaids came to an eye-watering £16 million.

7. Rolex favours: Move over, sugared almonds. One wedding featured individual bouquets for the female guests, each one adorned with a bit of high-end wrist candy.

8. Cakes gone crazy: An 18-tier tower sounds spectacular – now to find a venue big enough to hold it!


Check out Maxine’s appearance on Sky Living’s “Who’d Be a Billionaire?” on catch-up now.