Royal wedding watch

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Prince William and Kate Middleton

April Showers Predicted For Kate and Wills on the 29th…


Royal wedding ceremonial timings Our minute-by-minute guide…

Carole Middleton’s outfit dilemma What WILL she wear on the Big day..?

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Designer We know the princess-to-be loves her style…

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Hair Revealed Updo, downdo, straight or wavy..?

Royal Wedding Reception Lowdown 19 rooms and a best-of-British menu…

Two Royal Wedding Cakes Announced It’s fruitcake and biscuits for Prince William and Catherine Middleton…

Royal wedding goes digital Snap up Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Big-day soundtrack online!

Wills and Kate go fairytale with their wedding transport The royal couple choose a historic carriage for their first journey as husband and wife.

Royal wedding performers announced
Fanfares, hymns and specially-commissioned tunes…

How to have a royal stag
Hedonistic stag suggestions for Princes’ Wills and Harry from i-escape.com.

Week 1: Royal wedding giveaway
Win 10 sets of regal beauty products from Lush.

Kate’s special 6 Big-day beauty bag essentials
Beauty editor Sarah Green gives her verdict.

The royal wedding route
Walk in the footsteps of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Royal rebel at court
Will Alexander McQueen design Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?

Even Wills and Kate have a wedding website!
An official wedding website for the royal couple.

A first royal wedding gift
St. Andrews University welcomes back graduates Prince William and Kate Middleton with a first royal wedding gift.

Five maids for royal Kate.
Clarence House release details of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day entourage

Quiz! Kate Middleton vs. Kate Moss
Which Kate are you?

Y&YW at Westminster Abbey
Checking out the venue, when the venue happens to be Westminster Abbey.

It’s not Kate’s… it’s mine!
Reiss release the white Nanette dress Kate Middleton wore for her office royal photo shoot!

There’s something about Bruce…
We take a close look at the red-carpet allure of wedding dress designer Bruce Oldfield.

Own Kate Middleton’s coat
Snap up Kate’s velvet Libélula dress coat!

Update on the route and reception
Kate and William opt for low-key elegance for their April Royal wedding.

Official engagement snaps
Prince William and Kate Middleton’s official engagement pictures mark a growing trend in capturing that special moment.

Headpieces for the royal wedding
Ideas for Kate and guests from milliner to the Royals Vivien Sheriff.

Wills and Kate name the day
The royal wedding when and where…

Is this Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?
Fashion director Peta Hunt’s top 10 predictions.

What dress will Kate wear?
You & Your Wedding’s Fashion Director, Peta Hunt blogs her predictions for the royal wedding…

Watch the royal romance unfold
We take a look back at the royal romance so far…

Breaking news: Wills and Kate to wed!
Where it all began; the royal couple announce their engagement.


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