Stacey Solomon Tried on a Suzanne Neville Wedding Dress and Embodied how we all Feel EVERY Day

The TV presenter had a bit of fun in Suzanne Neville's store and reminded us exactly why we love her

Stacey Solomon is a real gem, isn’t she? Not only has she got a cracking personality, fantastic presenting skills and a real down to earth attitude, she’s also one of the funniest ladies on telly and always gets us giggling with her antics.


Stacey recently went to bridal designer Suzanne Neville‘s boutique in order to find a gown to wear for an upcoming awards ceremony, and despite not being engaged, she simply couldn’t resist slipping into a wedding dress. Don’t pretend you’ve never been tempted to do the same… 


Stace posted a video to her Instagram of her twirling about in a gorgeous flowing white gown, with diamante embellishments on the front and lovely scooped detailing on the back.

Just like any bride-to-be (or even not a bride-to-be) our fave loose woman could not contain her glee, exclaiming: “Oh. My. God I’m gonna cry! I was born to wear this dress! Why aren’t wedding dresses going out dresses? This is my dream!”

It all got even more exciting as a shop assistant placed a veil and tiara on her head, and Stacey asked: “So who makes the rules? Is it okay to go out dressed like this? I say yes!”

The video concluded with Stacey deciding she’d probably need to buy a non-wedding dress for her event, saying: “Sadly, I can’t wear this to an awards ceremony. It was fun while it lasted, wedding dress. I love you.”

We have to admit, it’s exactly how we feel each and every time we tried on a wedding dress. Check out the video for yourself here.


In a post that pretty much sums up our feelings, Stacey captioned the video with: “When you go to @suzanneneville to try on dresses for an event but you get carried away and start trying on wedding dresses… I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED, I haven’t been proposed to, we aren’t even thinking about it (well maybe I am a little bit, or a lot, or all day every day) so don’t get carried away! I just couldn’t resist. I say we should be allowed to wear these dresses for any event or casual brunches or just around the house! Oh my goodness I nearly cried when I had to take it off. So if anyone’s ever feeling blue get yourself a little try on session it’s literally made my day! Hahaha ?? P.S I have made sure to tell Joe to stay off of social media because of some phone eating virus ??”

Stacey, we are completely with you on this one. If we could rewear our wedding dress like this bride, we 100% would.


So now we wait for Joe Swash to propose… and in the meantime, perhaps Stacey might enjoy reading our rundown of the thoughts every brides has during wedding dress shopping