This bride walked in on her future mother-in-law trying on her wedding dress

and the horror doesn’t stop there!

Most brides-to-be are lucky enough to get on really well with their future mother-in-law, but on the odd occasion, the relationship with the mother-of-the-groom can be a little… strained, as one Reddit reader shared.


A bride from Virginia in the US took to Reddit to describe her absolute horror, when she walked in on her future mother-in-law trying on her Galia Lahav wedding dress.

So far, so weird, right? But it gets worse…

Image | Galia Lahav

“I headed into the master bedroom and what do I find but future mother-in-law struggling to yank my dress over her head – BUT [IT] WAS FREAKING STUCK!”

“I blurted out ‘what the hell?!’ and she immediately started stammering ‘Oh my God! OH MY GOD! OH GOD!” the bride-to-be wrote.

The bride tried to help her future mother-in-law out of the dress, but had no luck.

The panelling was “completely destroyed” with the bride saying how “she burst the side zipper… and got a dirty foot print on the train”.

Adding to the situation, with “huge amounts of disgust” the bride discovered her mother-in-law was wearing no underwear.

Despite ruining the dress, the future mother-in-law refused to offer to pay for the repairs on the dress, and instead lectured the bride on spending so much money on the dress.


How would you react if this unthinkable thing happened?