This couple got married in the same room as the groom’s parents, 37 years later

Groom Abduttayyeb Hassanali took charge of wedding planning, organising a sentimental day he and his wife would remember forever

Recent figures showed that 97% of You & Your Wedding readers are women, but that’s not to say that men don’t get involved in wedding planning, as one groom proved.


Newlywed Abduttayyeb Hassanali, took the reins when it came to planning his wedding to his wife, Sarrah Mansoor Nazarali, and planned the day of their dreams.

Image | David Milnes

“My wife Sarrah was hesitant for me to take the reigns at first but I’m just happy that I was able to provide her a wedding that was able to kick-start our lives in the best way possible,” says Abs.

“He’s far more methodised and particular than I am and it paid dividends for our big day,” says Sarrah.

“From the venue, to the invitations, decoration, food, cake, entertainment, photographers and even my dress and bouquet, it was all Abs’ work. Much of the day was a surprise to me and I’m amazed as to how well he managed to pull it all off.”

“I think our wedding really bucked the trend and showed that men can put together just as an extravagant wedding as women, if not better! He’s my life partner and I’m so proud of all that he’s done for us. It’s the dream start to our long future together.”

Sarrah and Abs’ big day took place in the Moat Room at Harrow Registry Office, the same room that Abs’ parents got married in 37 years ago, with a reception to follow on a boat on the River Thames, sailing under Tower Bridge with the bridge openings for the occasion.

Image | David Milnes

Despite planning their wedding on a modest budget, the couple still managed to delight and entertain 200 guests, complete with a sensational nine-tier cake – consider us impressed!

Photography by David Milnes.


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