This Test Shows how Compatible you and your Partner are – and we’re Addicted!

The Hashtag test will see how compatible you and your partner are and generates a perfect hashtag for your w-day

Whether you’re engaged, married or waiting for your partner to pop the question, it’s always fun to see how compatible you are with your other half, and this addictive compatibility test does all the hard work for you.


Remember furiously scribbling your notepad in the ’90s working out how well-suited you and your crush were? The Black Tux has created a nifty tool that takes all the hard work out of it.

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It does all the maths for you and easily calculates a percentage of your compatibility, as well as a clever idea for you and your love’s wedding hashtag.

Push the button, you know you want to…

All you do is type in your first and last name, and the first and last name of your special someone  and within seconds this genius (always wished for!) site will give a response.

Giving it a test (or dozens, because I’m single) I can’t say I was unhappy! Me and my celebrity crush Ed Westwick (Chuck from Gossip girl) are 68% compatible!

Lucky I don’t have a crush on GG’s Penn Badgley – he got married this year!

We’re more than double Kim and Kanye’s score of 25%. Their generated hashtag was #WESTANDRELAXATION. Seems pretty accurate since Kim Kardashian has slightly shied away from the media with this marriage compared to her others.

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It’s so addicting and fast I could’t stop! A recent boy I’ve been crushing on generated a 61% calculation. Safe to say I can chuck that to the side and keep looking for Ed.

My recently engaged brother was next to investigate………………. 99% (PHEW! You can relax now Ben & Deanna)

Queen B and Jay Z started their love back in ’99 when she was only 19. This inspirational couple hit 63% compatibility with a #AboveandBeyonce hashtag which we’re so obsessed with.


The most iconic couple that I found most compatible was David and Victoria Beckham with a solid 100%. We can all keep striving to find a love like theirs because yes, they are most definitely meant to be.