Video: Gary Barlow surprises bride with A Million Love Songs at her wedding

Following a Twitter campaign set up by her best friend, blushing bride Lou was swept off her feet when the one and only Gary Barlow rocked up at her wedding to serenade her

We’re overcome with jealousy as we write this. It should’ve been us. But we weren’t smart enough to set up a Twitter campaign like Radio Times senior insight executive Emily Alcorn did. And we’re not yet engaged – the two things you need to do in order to form a bond with Gary Barlow, apparently. 


If you tuned in to watch When Corden Met Barlow on Monday night, you’ll know that Gary gatecrashed a wedding to serenade the bride with A Million Love Songs in March. 

And we’ve got our hands on a video capturing the moment he walked in.

Warning to all Take That fans out there – this video may leave you feeling a) extremely envious b) a little bit angry you didn’t come up with the idea yourself c) a little bit sorry for the groom whose thunder has totally been stolen.


Congrats Lou and Mark!