Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have an American wedding?

After all, the bride-to-be was born in sunny Los Angeles...

We think the likelihood is that our new favourite engaged couple, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, will get married in the UK. After all, the Suits actress has made the move to Britain to be with her beau. However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be a whole lot of American flavour on the big day, with Meghan including plenty of nods to her culture.


So which US traditions are we likely to see?

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The hen party

Will Meghan be donning a bride-to-be sash and wonky tiara for a night on the town? Or will she go back to her roots with an American bridal shower? Typically less, ahem, alcohol-fueled than the British equivalent, these are at-home hen parties, often with guests bringing gifts for the bride-to-be. These can be rather lavish affairs – remember the bridal shower in Bridesmaids where every guest gets a puppy?

Note: if Meghan Markle gives out puppies at her bridal shower, can we have an invite, please?

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The first dance

At American weddings, the first dance traditionally takes place before the wedding breakfast, when the couple make their entrance. In Britain, the couple typically take to the floor after the meal. So when will Meghan and Harry have their first dance? And which song will they choose?

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The ceremony

If Meghan Markle is following American custom, she’ll walk down the aisle after her bridesmaids. The British tradition is for brides to go first, followed by their maids. However, we’ve seen a lot of British brides opting for the American way, to make more of an entrance. We say, it’s your day, your way – do whatever makes you feel most comfortable!

The groom at an American wedding traditionally faces forward, so he can see his bride coming down the aisle. If Harry’s going with British custom, he’ll face away from the guests – but we bet he won’t be able to resist throwing a few glances over his shoulder…

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The bouquet toss


At American weddings, the bride does traditionally throw her bouquet. But there’s also the custom of the groom removing the bride’s garter and throwing it to all the male single guests. Somehow we can’t quite picture Harry going through with this – at least, not until the Queen’s gone to bed. 

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