You won’t believe which wedding traditions are disappearing

Confetti, white wedding dresses and traditional vows might soon be a thing of the past

When you picture your wedding day, chances are you imagine yourself in a dazzling white gown, uttering the traditional romantic vows, and driving off into the sunset in a vintage car adorned with ‘just married’ decorations.


While these have long been symbols of marriage, a recent survey by stag and hen experts Red7 has revealed these trends may well be on the way out. That’s right; the iconic white dress is no longer the first choice for every bride – can you blame her, when there are so many beautiful coloured wedding dresses out there?!

Will you be switching your white dress?

The survey revealed that almost three quarters of brides don’t insist on walking down the aisle in a white dress, only a third want to have traditional vows, and only one in four hope to be showered in confetti after their ceremony.

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In addition, only one in five brides-to-be said she wanted to be driven away in a decorated car – we suppose all those cans are a little on the noisy side, especially if you’re feeling a little delicate after one too many proseccos the morning after your wedding.

Which traditions are you sticking to, and which are you disregarding on your wedding day?


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