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Peace of mind for your overseas wedding

Avoiding wedding day disasters with The Insurance Emporium

Planning a wedding overseas in your dream destination should be a magical experience! However, there can be just as many things to organise as for a big day back in the UK. With everything taking place abroad, there’s the added worry that should things go wrong, they could be more of a headache to resolve. For that reason, The Insurance Emporium have offered the following helpful advice on potential overseas wedding pitfalls, and how insurance could help.

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Document disasters

If you’re getting married abroad, there’s likely to be some extra paperwork involved. There’ll also be certain essential documents you’ll need to take with you, such as passports or birth certificates. Making sure you get wedding insurance to cover the costs associated with replacing these if they’re lost could be welcome relief from unexpected stress!

Travel turmoil

Overseas weddings will inevitably involve travelling some distance, and delays, whilst not inevitable, can happen. If any delay to your travel plans affects your big day it could quickly turn into a nightmare. Wedding insurance could help cover deposits for services or suppliers you’re unable to use due to delay.

Cancellation calamities

Whilst no one wants to have to cancel their special day, unforeseen incidents do sometimes occur. Having cancellation cover on your insurance policy could ease any pressure you might feel should you have to suddenly change plans. It might also help if you need to rearrange or plan your nuptials a second time round.

The Insurance Emporium

Numerous nuptials

Many couples marrying abroad might choose to have a second ceremony, reception, or both, back home. This could give more friends and family the chance to be involved in the occasion. With cover on your insurance for up to two ceremonies and receptions up to 56 days apart, you won’t have to worry about taking out a second policy!

Damaged dress

You’ll still want to look your best for your big day, regardless of the location! Accidents can happen, however, so it might be wise to have insurance cover for loss, theft or accidental damage to your wedding attire. Ensuring that you have insurance in place could help to prevent any last minute wardrobe mishaps you’d rather avoid.

Wherever you decide to host your wedding, it’s sure to be memorable for all the right reasons. As with any aspect of life, however, unexpected mishaps may occur. For this reason taking out wedding insurance could be a good thing to consider doing. The Insurance Emporium has seven different levels of Overseas Wedding Insurance* cover to choose from, with plenty of Elective and Standard Benefits, such as up to £5,000 cover for Essential Documents and Delayed Travel^. Head to The Insurance Emporium to find out how they can help.

* The Insurance Emporium Overseas Wedding Insurance does not cover wedding ceremonies or receptions in the USA or Canada.


^ Cover up to £5,000 for Essential Documents and Delayed Travel available on Diamond policies.